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Chapter 16 Suspicious

  • Even with a heavy anxiousness creeping the hell out of me, I still went to the office. I planned to avoid Logan as much as possible even though I am sure that it will be hard. F*ck it! How can I even avoid the person who is just feet apart from me?! But when I arrive at the office, I don't even need to avoid him because clearly, he does the same thing that I build inside my mind. Logan didn't just avoid me rather, I feel like for him, I am no longer existing.
  • Earlier in the morning, there is an urgent board meeting. I suppose to come with him since I have to accompany him to every meeting he will going to attend. As a secretary, I must be there wherever he is. But to my disappointment, (yeah, maybe I am disappointed in any angle I may try to look at), he put a sticky note on my table. There, written his message he can tell me directly but he didn't. See, he is avoiding me.
  • At first, I thought he was giving me a favor. Because he is already avoiding me, I don't need to effort much into creating excuses about what he saw at the mall yesterday. But when I ate my snack at the cafeteria with Lyndon, I instantly felt disappointed.
  • “He wants to get rid of you.” This keeps on playing in my mind like a broken disk.
  • Get rid of me? Then why not fire me? Why not throw me outside his company if he wants to get rid of me. He is sick of seeing me, then why not throw me out?
  • “Come here.” I jolted in upon hearing his cold voice from the intercom. Since yesterday, one day after seeing Aisle, he really didn't talk to me. He will just used those poor sticky notes to deliver his messages. It's up to me if I can comprehend the message written on the right. If I did understand it in the wrong way, surely, he will roar at me just like before.
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