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Chapter 15 Saw

  • [“Alice, calm down, okay? They didn't see you and as long as Aisle will be kept away from their eyes, there will be no problem. Just calm down, I got to work with that.”] Lyndon assured from the other line.
  • I pressed my palm on my forehead followed by massaging the bridge of my nose. “I told you, going to that beach is not a good idea. There is someone who sees us and now the secret family of yours rumors spread like a wildfire in the company. What if this would be the end of hiding my secret. Sooner or later, Logan will hear the rumors. So, what are you going to do? Deny the rumors to your brother which I completely know that he will not believe on?!” I gritted my teeth. I even walked back in forth inside my room because of mixed emotions flaring inside me.
  • I heard him sigh from the other line which just added to my annoyance. I told him… for goodness' sake, I already warned him about being careful too but he didn't listen. I am not prohibiting him to see Aisle but at least, follow my instruction. Now, we are facing a scandal that turns out to be a mistake.
  • [“Don't worry, Alice. For Aisle, I will fix everything. Go ahead, you can sleep now. Don't worry too much.”]
  • I didn't answer, instead, I hang up the call and shove myself to my bed. With my both legs drooping at the edge of my bed, I cried my heart out silently. Different emotions are filling me, causing my mind not to function well. I can't even think properly since the moment I found out who is the headline in the company now. Different questions are running inside me that I could not answer. Full of ‘what if’ and ‘how’.
  • But after all, what happened, I should have blamed myself too. He should not know about my secret, I shouldn't let him know. I should deny it from Lyndon since the day he found out. I should have lied to him after all, lying is my expertise. I even lied to my own child many times, countless times to be exact. So, what is the matter in lying again? If it will going to prevent my secret from spilling, I should have done that. But I know, it was too late… too late for my lies. Maybe, I really have to think of the right solution by now, or else, Aisle will suffer from the nonsense and false speculation of the others.
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