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Chapter 13 Flirting

  • “What the hell is he doing here?!” I gritted my teeth as I stared at Lyndon who was waiting outside my apartment. Hesitant to jump off the car, I still do and when he saw me, his face brightened up.
  • With confusion bugging me, I walked towards the gate and opened it with my keys. “What are you doing at my place, Sir Lyndon?” I inquired.
  • His eyes followed every movement I did. “Just Lyndon, we are not in the company. Anyway, I am here for a certain matter–”
  • “If it's about my resignation, I disagree to talk about that. Look, if Logan pushed you here so he can make change my decision, I am sorry, Sir. My decision is final and I want you to respect it.” I was about to close the gate when he stopped it with his arm.
  • “Logan didn't push me here to talk to you, Alice,” he announced.
  • My brows twitched. “Then who?” I sighed. “Whether it was Logan who pushed you here or not, still, my decision won't change,” I declared in finality. Standing hard for my words.
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