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Chapter 12 No Place

  • “Can I take the seat, Miss Secretary?” I lifted my eyes to face the man who suddenly spoke, dragging me back to my senses.
  • I awkwardly smiled at him and then roamed my eyes around. The cafeteria wasn't that full so there are lots of vacant tables around. I faced him again with confusion but later on, I chose to hide it and let him take the seat in front of me. He simply let out a smile before he sipped to his cup of coffee which aroma directs in my nostrils.
  • “Didn't eat your breakfast?” he asked, eyeing the waffles on my plate.
  • I simply nod before taking a slice of my breakfast. Lyndon was right, I haven't eaten breakfast. I cooked but I just don't have an appetite to eat especially since my mind is still filled by what happened last night. Dang it! It made me cry for almost a whole night, it keeps me awake until dawn. If it wasn't because of the pill I take last night, I won't drown to sleep.
  • “You looks bothered, Miss Secretary,” Lyndon commented.
  • From him, I darted my eyes to the window glass which gives me the view of the busy road. I don't have the usual energy as well and it's giving me a fuck. Last night, after talking to the drunk Logan, I cried. I know that I shouldn't be hurt, or maybe, I should be but why does the pain never fade. Until now, it's still in my heart, torturing the hell out of me. Even Aisle notice it, so do Helena when she picked up Aisle for school. I just weave an excuse so she won't bother to interrogate me because if she ever did, I don't know how to explain her.
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