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Chapter 11 Ynez

  • I suddenly have difficulty breathing as I stared at him. My throat went dry, no words came out of my mouth. Right at this moment, as there was no space between us, my heart goes crazy wild. Like it was a wild animal who had just been freed away from a cage. It hurts me bad… the strong and erratic beat of my heart hurts me but it was a kind of pain that I somehow, enjoyed.
  • My eyes went down on his lips and even though I want to refrain from gulping, I just did. That made his lips stretch for a naughty grin which on the other for me, just fueled the intense feeling I have right now. And even though it was a shame for me to admit, I could tell that my body—for heaven's sake! My body is reacting to our sudden closed space just like how it was reacted that night, our first night. I could feel how my body shouts for needs, how it was shouting my hidden cravings on that sexual matter. And this is ridiculous! I don't understand why he is giving me this kind of feeling even after so many years.
  • “Sorry,” I heard him repeat what he just said earlier but my mouth is still close. I can't even comprehend the meaning behind his sorry. I don't know why is he sorry.
  • My f*cking brain can not focus on what he is talking about. Instead, my whole sense is in our bodies. My body which tightly pressed against his perfectly sculptured body. And damn, dude! I like the feels how his body gives me another level of warmth. But I know, I should stop my nonsense. We. Should. Stop. This. Nonsense!
  • We should part already because if we weren't, I might be lost my sanity. But how can I make the first move when I am currently enjoying this? When I am enjoying his warmth, his body against mine–
  • “Logan, baby– Woah!”
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