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Chapter 25 A Day Off

  • His kisses were different, it was like he was claiming me. He was rough but gentle at the same time. He was groaning, pushing me back to the wall. He was taking my hands and hold my wrists above my head. I was moaning his name, shuddering under his touches.
  • "Are you still on pain meds, can I fuck you bare?" He was tracing my neck with his kisses, his other hand was caressing my nipple.
  • "I'm done with pain meds, James. You're good without condoms." I was shuddering under his touches.
  • "Hmm...mine baby, you are mine." He let go of my wrists and roughly pulled my hair back with both hands, exposing my neck to him as he licked, and sucked with his primal urges. I gasped and was tremendously aroused by his roughness.
  • "James...please," I told him between his scorching hot kisses. I didn't even care anymore. If he said I am his, then fuck it. I was milking this sex thing. Literally.
  • "I know Lori. I'll take care of you baby. I'll take care of what's mine." He ripped off my top, making me whimper.
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