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Chapter 15 The Weekend Apart

  • After almost a sleepless night of fucking, he woke me up the next day looking handsome, already showered and wearing his Armani suit. He pecked my cheek, while I panicked and closed my mouth dreading my morning breath. He chuckled and lift me up to his bathroom and gave me a spare toothbrush, and left me to do my morning business.
  • I was back in his room and he was giving me his hand, I followed him as our breakfast was already laid out on his balcony table. "I ask the maid to bring it up while you're in the bathroom. I'm leaving in two hours, come join me for breakfast." He ushered me to sit.
  • I was still half-naked in his shirt, as I blushed embarrassed about sitting my naked ass on his balcony chair. "Oh Lori, I'm definitely going to miss your blush. I wish I could take you with me this weekend, come here baby."
  • I sat on his lap, blushing deeper. "James, I'll ruin your pants I'm not dressed yet."
  • "Fucking hell're so bad for me, I can't keep my hands from you, I'll be late baby. Now, let's just eat. I can always change later." We ate breakfast together, laughing and talking. His hands were all over me. But we finally managed to finish our breakfast.
  • "Why don't you get change, I'll drop you off at your place, then I'm heading out to the airport. Leave your overnight stuff here for next time. The maid will wash your clothes." I nodded and smile at him, as I peeled myself off of his lap.
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