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Chapter 11 The Discussion

  • He ordered us sushi while I was taking my time to freshen up and put on my robe.
  • We had a nice dinner and talked about worldwide occurrences while watching the evening news. I made him coffee and then we sat on the sofa. Then he started questioning me about this afternoon.
  • "Now that you're sober. Tell me about why you're not touching the money, that I've deposited trough, Adriana?"
  • "Erm...yeah, I haven't checked it. Adriana already called me this afternoon and told me about it. Then I felt like I'm being bought. I mean, I like spending time with you. But I'm really hesitant about the money. It's too fucking much."
  • "Look, you're a beautiful smart young woman. I never view you as anything less. This arrangement works for me. And if you like spending time with me as you just said, I suggest that you use the money. I like taking care of my woman, you hurt my male ego here, by not taking what I'm offering you. What you already signed in agreement to." He took me in his embrace as I engulfed in his warmth.
  • "Look baby I need you to take care of yourself. As much as I'm liking your drunk state, but seeing your shrink is better for your liver. Besides you can also do anything else you want, with the money. You're a business major, I'm sure you can think of something that you want to put your extra money into. We're talking about stability for you here. You've already talked about downsizing before. If I were you, I would put that money and start something off, for myself. I know that you'll think of something, just think about it. In the meantime, see the shrink, you need to unload."
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