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Chapter 6 A Loyal Dog

  • My curiosity got the better of me. Scanning the occupants furtively I saw dark skin to light skin beings. Some with pointed ears, some with twisted snouts or thing lips exposing fanged teeth.
  • Monsters of every breed here. I noticed.
  • But turning my head a bit further beneath the hood of my cloak, allowed me to glimpse the figure sitting in the west windowsill. His booted feet resting on a chair beneath him. Men surrounding him. Ones that had been happily regaling the group with tales of their feats until I walked in. His hair was pale blonde and mimicked the shade of the moonlight peering in on the wide, indented sill next to him. Blue eyes were fierce as they stared at me unblinkingly.
  • Oh, no.
  • He must've nodded because the barkeep told me where to go.
  • I climbed the side stairs, far against a back wall. Turning twice, before they reached the second level. The railing dusted in gilt. And the steps trimmed in it. I suspected there'd once been a shining gold or red rug which had long since worn through to the point it was irreparable. That was typically the preferred colors of the Eternus.
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