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Chapter 5 His Reach

  • "How about you go find, Serene and leave me alone!"
  • I could see him past my foot as I yanked my heel in a circle, trying to break his grip. He was now frowning.
  • "Serene and I were long ago over!"
  • "I don't believe she knows that." I accused panting. Trying to get away. "She keeps trying to kill me."
  • "Who could hurt you?" He whined. Even as his grip on my leg became so vicious that his fingers bit into my skin, raking thin scratches over the side of my knee.
  • His other hand stretching from the puddle, dripping a few isolated drops as he gripped my heel so his other hand could wind up my calf in a long caress. Reaching for my thigh and stretching to reach higher.
  • "Get off of me!" I kicked at him, struggling to get free I fell.
  • His hands were still trailing my leg reverently. "Mmm. So beautiful..."
  • He was using the physical contract to draw himself through the water like a portal to get to my location.
  • I knew Orin was always watching through water, waiting to spot me. Obsessed beyond reason.
  • But I hadn't known it'd work like this. That he could physically get to me, if he could touch me.
  • His head was now emerging, water pouring off him like dense oil. His other hand stretched beneath what remained of the torn tunic, reaching desperately toward the crux of my thighs.
  • The energy of changing locations.
  • I was quickly running out of time. Drawing the heat of the candles inside to create a bloom of yellow light over the puddle. Making him close his eyes and duck at the sudden, unexpected brightness. I twisted and wrenched from his grip to crawl away. Aiming for the tavern doors.
  • Without the touch, Orin was immediately sucked back beneath the surface of the pool, shrieking in frustrated objection. "Come to me, My Spark!"
  • "Not yours!" I announced. Climbing to my feet and ignoring him as I stalked to the door.
  • I pulled my long green cloak tight around me. Sweeping away the mud and debris and composing myself. Ensuring that it covered me from head to my toes. Blowing a long breath, I pushed the door open. I was immediately assailed by waves of heat, wrapping around me like a smoky cloud. The faint smell of the log burning in the fireplace that consumed one entire wall. The various scents of roasting meet.
  • A boar and some manner of bird, I'd guess. As well as a loaf of bread which had just been baked. I slumped at the tantalizing smell. My body weakening at the same time my stomach rumbled, reminding me that I was uncertain when last I'd eaten.
  • I'm starving.
  • Keeping my head ducked, I was careful to keep from looking directly at anyone. Knowing my eyes were most of the problem.
  • My gaze is what brings them in.
  • I could feel the hush around the room as I entered. Tankards thudded numbly to the table. There were hushed gasps as men couldn't help but turn to watch me coming in. Though they could see nothing but the outline of my green cloak.
  • "A drink, Mum?" The barkeep asked.
  • Not a chance.
  • I had no intention of remaining down here in the Main Room a moment more than necessary.
  • "Just a room please." I whispered. Plunking a coin to the counter and sliding it across with one gloved finger.
  • The less skin I showed, the more others could resist my power.
  • I withdrew my hand quickly to keep him from bumping it as he collected the bit of precious metal.
  • He slowly lifted it but when I hazarded a glance at why he was moving so slowly I found him staring over my head. As if getting permission from someone.
  • Who?
  • For the barkeep of the Immortals Den, a man who regularly encountered dangerous creatures, to need permission from someone here indicated that there was someone very powerful in this building.
  • I sent my magic out in rainbow tendrils that most could not see to touch along the bodies here, trying to find one holding more power than the rest. But I wasn't feeling anything distinguishing, yet... Until I eased toward the west wall and felt such a flood of strength that my magic recoiled and retreated. Hoping I could get it away before the being noticed.
  • That energy felt painfully familiar.
  • Impossible. I travelled all day to get out of their reach.