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Chapter 4

  • “How dare you?!” Before I could stop myself, I had already landed a slap on his face. My patience had gotten to its yielding point.
  • Almost immediately, three of the men sitting behind us rose. Attired in identical red suits, they seemed to be together.
  • I observed in fear as the guys approached me. The man I slapped cocked his head to the side as a smile danced on his lips.
  • “Do you think you have a say in this, pumpkin? You will come with me!” He added with a bit of force, eyes gleaming with mischief.
  • I anxiously darted around at the party going on in full swing. None of them were aware of what was taking place. Even the bartender acted like he was blind.
  • I gulped, turning my head slowly to look at him. “In your fucking dreams! Even if I want to shag, it wouldn't be with someone as ugly as you are.”
  • I could even manage the pervert I met at the convenience store and the stupid bartender. Hell, I would manage anyone as long as they are not this psycho.
  • The man smirked. “I love them wild. It would be a hell lot entertaining to tame someone like you. Get her, boys!”
  • At the order, the men in red advanced towards me. I balled my hands into fists and watched their approach. I knew I was no match for them, but that didn't mean I couldn't pack a killer punch. Years of living with an ever-drunk foster father taught me many things.
  • I crouched, ready to resist. One fact was definite. propose proposed to go down without a fight.
  • “What the hell is going on here?!” someone yelled.
  • I turned, only to lock eyes with that Psycho. The same pervert I met at the grocery store stood not too far from us, with his gaze entirely on us.
  • It was then that I noticed that the entire place had gone mum. The dancers were now thronged at a place, looking terrified as their eyes moved to the pervert.
  • The men who were trying to strike me returned to their position, while the second pervert—the pig who bought a drink for me—approached him.
  • “Mr Mark, you seemed to have misconstrued something. She's one of my girls. I was merely trying to take back—”
  • “One of your girls? To hell, you can lie with my name!” With my hands planted on my waist, I took a step towards them. “Well, birds of the same feathers flock together. It's not a wonder that you two are partners.”
  • The guy I met at the convenience store merely cast a glance my way before he turned to the second weirdo with a scar on his face. I know he told me his name, but I had long forgotten it.
  • “What the hell is going on here, Eric?” His voice rumbled. It seemed to invoke fear in the man who was trying to harass me. "Why are you harassing her?!"
  • “Pardon me, Mr Mark, this won't happen again, I promise!” With a bow, he nodded at the men with him.
  • I watched as they left the bar. Dazed, I tried to figure out what had just happened. It seemed like the pervert I met at the store, the supposed Mr Mark, had some sort of power.
  • “Are you okay?” he inquired, bringing my attention back to the present.
  • I glared with my hands placed on my waist as I scowled hard at him. “Who the hell are you? Tell me, are you somehow stalking me?” I pointed at him, pissed to think of the possibility that he might have stalked me.
  • What the hell could be wrong with the men here? I lived in the States for eighteen years and had never experienced… Okay, I had never been to this type of establishment. But come on. I just arrived today and had met not only one but two misfits!
  • He inclined his head to the side and regarded me without saying a word. It was as if he thought I was nuts.
  • “You know what? Stay in your damn lane! I don't perceive what you will achieve by stalking me. Touching my butt wasn't enough for you, huh?!”
  • There were collective whoops from the partiers who hadn't resumed dancing. Aside from my voice and their gasps a few seconds ago, the entire place was silent.
  • The man sighed. “You seem to be new to Madrid. Be careful.”
  • I sneered at his words. “Careful of who? You? That's right. I should be wary of men like you!” I returned to the counter, took my precious purse from it and stormed out of the place, mumbling under my breath.
  • No one stopped me, which was for the best. The fucker had ruined my plans. What a shit arse!
  • I kicked a little bottle on the floor as I scurried down the streets. The lampposts on the roads shed light on my path as I hurried towards the last motel I checked. It was late, and I needed to crash before—
  • Footsteps provoked me to pause. I discreetly glanced back, only to widen my eyes when I noticed two men in black walking towards me. Without a moment of hesitation, I took to my heels.
  • It was late, but not too late for the shops to be closed. I knew I should have read the leaflet about the places to avoid in Madrid, but I was too lazy for it.
  • Halfway down the street, two more men blocked my path. I stopped and looked behind me to notice the other two were almonds close.
  • I made a last-minute decision and tried to cross the road, but it was too late. One of them had already caught up. He wrapped his hands around my waist and covered my nose with a handkerchief. I struggled, but it was fruitless. The man holding me was stronger than my foster father.
  • My vision slowly started getting blurry until I collapsed on his body.