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Chapter 8

  • Dawn was approaching rapidly, and I knew sunrise wasn't far away. I would have to find a place to sleep soon, but there was something I wanted to see first. There was a bedroom at the back of the house with a large window. I knew this room belonged to young Rosemary Thornbird. Fortunately, I had been able to contact my friend Mortimer shortly after Sophie's departure. Through him, I learned a lot about the hunter's daughter, including her name. She was finishing her senior year at a prestigious religious high school in the city. The was a friend of Thornbird and had waived the tuition fees for Rosemary. It took nearly an hour to commute to the school, so I knew she would have to get up early to prepare.
  • The first hints of light had started to fill the night sky when the bedroom light flicked on. I got as close to the window as I could without putting myself at risk. I watched through the window as the girl began her morning routine.
  • In our conversation, Mortimer had called her a striking beauty, and I noticed he had not been lying. Rosemary was wearing a loose white poet's shirt, but even so, I could see that her eighteen-year-old body was very fit. Her hair was a sexy mess of shoulder-length dirty blonde spiral curls. She had large almond-shaped eyes and a striking figure. As I watched, she walked into the bathroom and turned on the light. The angle I was at prevented me from seeing in, but she came back out a minute later. I was pleasantly surprised to see she had discarded her sleeping shirt. Rosemary stood looking in her closet wearing nothing but a small pair of pale blue cotton panties. Her body was phenomenal. She was tall and waif thin, with very perky tits that bounced around happily as she walked. My cock grew hard as I fantasized about ravaging her body and then feasting. For a moment, I considered casting my plan aside and smashing in her window. I wanted to feel her tight young body rubbing against my own.
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