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Chapter 13

  • Rubbing her clit, I pulled a tit into my mouth. Amy moaned and I let go of her breast and kissed her ribs, down to her flat stomach, and then moved down to her pussy. I spread her lips open and shoved my tongue into her cunt. Within a few minutes, Amy was cumming into my mouth and Lila was helping me drag it out. We were both shoving our fingers in and out of Amy. We got out of the shower and headed to the bed. We didn't bother drying off. Amy pushed me unto the bed and dove right into my pussy. She sucked my clit into her mouth and teased it with her tongue. Lila took a big black dildo out of her bag and brought it over to the bed. Amy took it and slowly slid it into my drenched pussy. "Mmmmmmm, yes, that's so nice", I cried. After pushing it in all the way she began slowly moving it and returned to licking my clit. Lila climbed onto me and straddled my shoulders giving me great access to her pussy. She tasted so good. I sucked her lips and swallowed all of the juices dripping out of her pussy. I pulled her closer while shoving my tongue into her pussy and she began riding my face while moaning. I flicked at her clit and kept time with Amy, still eating my cunt. As I started feeling Lila cum, I brought my finger up to her clit and kissed down her inner thigh. As soon as she peeked I sunk my teeth into her and drank. As I felt the warmth of her blood in my stomach, I started to cum and cum. Amy Kept fucking me with the dildo and Lila was still cumming into my hand. I licked the wound made by my teeth and felt Lila slump onto me as I turned her over and rested her on the bed while she smiled. "I think we've exhausted her," I said to Amy. "Well, I'm still awake." "Mmmmm..." I moaned lightly as I went toward her letting my hand slide from her shoulder to her tit. I pinched her nipple and then pushed her back onto the bed. I kissed her tummy and moved down lower. I licked at her clit and sucked at her lips. I reached over to where the dildo was lying and took it. I slowly slid it into her wet pussy and then pulled myself up unto her, kissing her mouth and fucking her pussy. She was going nuts with that big dick inside her. I knew it wouldn't take long before she'd start cumming, so I prepared myself and as soon as I felt her pussy contract, I fed.
  • While getting dressed, I glanced over at the bed, at the two beauties in it, and then left. I went down to the lounge, sat at the bar, and ordered a drink. There was a fair amount of people there that night. I was sure to find a man to finish off this amazing night. My pussy reacted to the mere thought of having a dick inside it. That dildo sure was a real tease. I noticed two men sitting beside me. One of them introduced himself as Ray and his friend, Simon. I couldn't believe how lucky I was. Two, for the price of one. We chatted for a while but I was getting hungry. "Well boys," I said, "I'm no longer in the mood for small talk. How about we leave this place?" They looked at me in disbelief but Ray quickly recovered and said we could go to his place. I followed their car with mine to Ray's place. As we entered his living room he offered drinks and we accepted. While he went to the kitchen, Simon sat down and I quickly straddled him and kissed him. He opened his mouth and our tongues played together. I unbuttoned his pants and felt his dick with my hand. I reached down lower and began massaging his balls. I slid down him and took him into my mouth. I could taste his precum and it tasted great. I took him all and felt his cock hit the back of my throat. I could hear him moan as I slid up and down his cock with my mouth, gently sucking and playing with his balls with my hand. It didn't take long before I felt his load hit the back of my throat. I was surprised that I could swallow it all. After cleaning him with my tongue, I turned to find Ray standing behind us, watching and rubbing his 9-inch dick. I went over to him and took him into my mouth immediately. I had barely begun when he shot his load into my mouth. He pulled me up and kissed me hard. I felt Simon hold me from behind. He had taken off all of his clothing. "Let's move to the bedroom," Ray offered and we agreed. Simon picked me up and we followed Ray into a huge master bedroom with the biggest bed I'd ever seen. Simon kissed me as he gently set me down and Ray pulled down my dress from behind. Within minutes we were all naked and kissing and touching. My pussy was so wet, I could feel it dripping down my legs. I don't know why I had never tried two men at a time before this. I thought I was going to cum just being there with them naked. I felt a hand at my snatch and I leaned into it, getting hornier by the minute. Someone pushed me onto the bed and then I felt a tongue at my clit. As I turned my head there was Simon with his cock dangling in front of my face. I took him into my mouth and I felt him growing hard. Ray was eating my pussy and started fingering my cunt with two fingers. I could feel my cunt contracting and I let out a scream as I came. Ray sucked at my snatch until I had finished cumming and licked all of my pussy juice. I still had Simon's cock in my mouth and he started pumping my face harder. Suddenly I could feel Ray sliding his dick into my pussy. "Mmmmmm..." I moaned and Simon pulled his dick out of my mouth. Ray lay on top of me and pumped my cunt a few times then flipped me over on top of him. I went crazy and straddled on top of him. I fucked him fast and hard. I felt Simon climb in behind me and push me forward. He reached down to my pussy and spread some of my juices onto my asshole. When it was slick and wet, he slid his cock into it. "Ohhhhhhhh, yessssssssssss!" I could hardly bear it. I was being double fucked and it felt great!!! Ray was about to cum so I readied myself at his throat and when he came and I began feeding, I came so hard that my ass clenched Simon's dick and he came too. I had never felt so good in all of my life. Ray moaned softly as I slid off of him. Simon lay on the other side and we all slept, me between them. A few hours later I felt Simon slip his dick into me from behind. But I turned to him and climbed him instead. I fucked him hard and fast and fed him one last time before getting dressed and returning home to rest for the next night. I could suddenly imagine many possibilities for the nights to come.
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