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Revenge Of The Son In-law

Revenge Of The Son In-law

Preshy Writes

Last update: 2021-12-17

Chapter 1 Chapter one

  • Hello. My name is Sylvester and I am twenty six years old.
  • This is a book about my revenge on my father in-law Mr Adams, for what he had done to my mother. I hope this teaches you all, the readers, how to treat people. You'll never what the future might bring.
  • It all started a long time ago, when I was only eighteen my name was Dave...
  • Dave POV...
  • "Mother I'm off to work now." I said.
  • "Won't you at least have something to eat first? It's not good to work on an empty stomach." My mother said.
  • "No mother. I'm almost late for work and my boss doesn't like it whenever I arrive late." I replied and ran out of the house.
  • I understand that I have to eat something but my mother is very important to me. I can't imagine what will happen to me if I ever loose her. We are very poor and hardly eat two square meals a day. My father used to have a job and a salary good enough to feed us three but one day he died in a car crash. Everything I and my mother ever had were seized from us. Ever since then, I and my mother have been wallowing in poverty. I managed to get a small paying job and I've been keeping myself and my mother alive for two years now.
  • I'm finally on my way to work.
  • "Hey! Dave! Wait up!" Hilton yelled from behind me.
  • Hilton is my best friend. He is not poor as I and my mother. Hilton lives in a big house with his parents. His parents hates seeing me around him. They keep saying that I will affect him with my stench of poverty but we are friends anyways. Hilton is hard headed towards his parents when it comes to me.
  • I waited for him at the side of the road.
  • "Good morning Hilton." I said to him.
  • "Good... Morning..." Hilton said while gasping for breath.
  • "Why were you running after me like that?" I asked.
  • "I just want to follow you to work today." Hilton replied.
  • "Don't you have to be somewhere else?" I said.
  • "Where?" Hilton asked.
  • "In school of course." I answered.
  • "It's Saturday today. No school." Hilton replied.
  • "Oh. I forgot." I said and start to walk to my working place.
  • I work as a mechanic in a small working space. The environment is not bad, that's pretty much the reason we get many customers.
  • "Don't worry, we are almost there. I know you are very tired" I said to Hilton who already looks very tired.
  • "Me? Tired? How pathetic. I can do this all day." Hilton replied.
  • "Sure you can." I said sarcastically.
  • "Oh what's the use of pretending? I feel so tired. My legs are already very weak as well." Hilton admitted.
  • "I knew it." I said in satisfaction.
  • "You win. I must admit, you know me better than I know myself." Hilton said.
  • We finally reached my work place and my boss is already looking very annoyed.
  • "You are late Dave." My boss said.
  • He comes closer to me.
  • "Again!" He added, yelling into my face.
  • "Sorry boss. I promise you it won't happen again. It's just that I live so far away and I don't even have money for transport." I said.
  • My boss is a very good person. It's just that he hates any sign of laziness.
  • "You will work double today as your punishment." My boss said.
  • "Yes sir." I replied with my head down.
  • "Good morning sir." Hilton greeted.
  • "Good morning. What can I do for you?" My boss asked Hilton.
  • "Sorry sir. I didn't come for work. I only came here to spend the day with my friend." Hilton said.
  • My boss turns to me.
  • "Does this look like a place you bring friends over to play?" My boss asked me.
  • "No sir." I replied.
  • "I didn't bring him here for play sir." I added.
  • "Oh really?" My boss asked.
  • "Yes sir." I answered.
  • "Then why is he here?" My boss asked.
  • "To study sir." Hilton answered immediately.
  • "Study?" My boss asked.
  • "Yes. Study." Hilton answered.
  • "How? You think you can full me? If you are here for study, you would be with your notebook. And I don't see anything in your hands. " My boss said.
  • "It doesn't really require a notebook sir. I was only told to observe how work is done in a mechanic work shop." Hilton replied.
  • "Okay then. If you say so." My boss replies and leaves.
  • "You never told me you had a homework." I said.
  • "I don't." Hilton replied.
  • "Huh?" I said, very confused.
  • "It was only an excuse I made up to get you off the hook." Hit on replied.
  • "I can't believe you thought of a lie that fast. And that too without looking guilty at all." I said in amazement.
  • "Remember how I told you I want to become a high class business man when I grow up?" Hilton asked.
  • "Yes I remember." I answered.
  • "Don't you think I've been preparing for it?" Hilton asked.
  • "Ha ha ha." I laughed.
  • "Hey! Dave! Get to work and stop goofing around." My boss yelled and I immediately start to work.
  • Working as a mechanic is a very stressful and tiring job. Removing car parts, attaching spare parts, fixing the car's engine and all that stuff.
  • The only thing keeping me going is my plan for a better life for my mother.
  • Anytime I feel any weakness I always put my mother first.
  • Whenever I'm working its just as if... it just feels as if my mother is cheering me on. Telling me... Son, don't give up, you will make it in this life.
  • I love my mother so much, too much. If anything ever happens to her my whole life would be ruined.
  • "How come every mechanic I see here is dirty?" Hilton asked.
  • "It's because of the kind of work we do. How do you expect to look when all day you are fixing the interiors of different cars?" I said.
  • "I still think you can all try to maintain cleanliness." Hilton said.
  • "No matter how carful you are you would still get dirty." I replied.