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Chapter 38 Trust

  • His gaze scanned the entire room and discovered four dead bodies lying around. Their throats had been slashed, and they were battered and bloodied. His eyes caught a glimpse of his Beta on the floor, blood oozing from his mouth, a broken nose, and a sharp long injure on his abdomen. But he was still breathing. He glanced at her hazel eyes and saw fear flash in her eyes for a fraction of a second before they closed and she fell. He was by her side in an instant, catching her fall in his broad arms. His eyes went black, and canines protruded from his gums, indenting his lower lip. As a thunderous growl erupted from deep within his chest, the veins in his neck and hands popped out. The wolf whimpered and lowered its head, resisting the man's command. He was already in the room's darkest corner, staring at the beast in the center. The moment Aiden's long, sharp claws rip through the wolf's flesh, shredding it to shards, the beast was bathed in fresh blood, and he had vanished from the room as if he had never been there.
  • He attempted to summon aid, but an invisible barrier around the room prevented him from mind-linking. He hurriedly exited the room, called for aid, and the pack healers arrived in an instant. The healers carried out Nicholas and Aiden carried out Ariel secured in his broad arms.
  • When they emerged from the packhouse, everything was in disarray. The fire had spread throughout the manor, and wolves stood outside in horror, watching their packhouse burn down. Warriors, guards, omegas, and other wolves were scurrying around, attempting to help people and erect temporary tents for pack members to sleep in. The packhouse housed nearly 60% of the pack population, as well as the infirmary, kitchen, and armory. They had rescued as many necessities as they could, such as medical supplies, food, and weapons. Now they were mostly defenseless, their shelter was gone. Not to mention the vital documents kept in the Alpha offices. On the other hand, everyone was relieved too, as there weren't any casualties except Ariel and Nicholas. Beta Nicholas was taken to a small tent constructed just outside the packhouse premises. One of the healers had led Aiden and Ariel into a tent next to the one where Nicholas was. Aiden placed Ariel on the small bed and with one last look, he got out, leaving her in the hands of the healers. As much as he wished to be with her, by her side, his responsibilities as the Alpha awaited him. He had the pack waiting for him for further instructions and guidance.
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