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Chapter 24 The Curse

  • The painter is a healer of the self and others, for their art is a story told in the foundational languages of the brain - in emotion, in visual dream-language. And so their painting is societal medicine and the reason we are so drawn to art becomes ever more obvious. The painting is the artists' soul upon the canvas, a story of colors and rising hope. Every painting is a story of healing, of seeking "love-tings" and "comfort-tings."
  • They have been roaming around the museum this whole evening and for the first time, she talked so much with him. She's been explaining what the paintings meant to her, how she saw them, how those paintings spoke of life. He saw the spark in her eyes, the ghost smile on her lips, and the calmness of her posture. He loved when he could hold her close and she didn't push him away. He doesn't know if she was just distracted by the paintings or she actually didn't mind him holding her close, either way, he was happy. Inside he felt like a juvenile whose crush just confessed her love for him. He's glad that he choose the Louvre Museum for their first date.
  • They stood in front of 'The Raft of the Medusa'. It is not recommended for those of a sensitive disposition because it is so realistic but that doesn't faze her, she has seen worst. The painting depicts the survivors and casualties of the Medusa shipwreck. They call for help to save their lives when they see an outline of a ship at the distance. They were trying to survive through the next minute, waiting and crying for help when they see an outline of a ship more like an outline of hope. She felt the painting speak to her! She felt so in relate with the survivors who were begging for help. She felt as though she was seeing her life in a form of painting. She was too after all someone who was begging for help. Begging for a way out of this life, for someone to save her from the wreck of fate! To pull her out from the deep hole of wrecked havoc. Two strong warm hands hugged her from behind and rested their chin on her shoulder. His action pulls her back from her thoughts. This was it! Her outline of a ship, of hope, of light! He was the person who can truly save her, help her out of the hands of the wrecked fate. He has been nothing but kind, loving, and warm to her. Even if he took her against her will, he has been nothing but loving towards her. Maybe, just maybe she could try and open up to him. Maybe he won't throw her away, maybe he won't use her for his befits, and maybe for the first time in her life, he would be someone to care for her. She turned her head slightly and saw hope! She saw nothing but endless hope in his blue orbs and the sweet smile on his lips.
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