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Chapter 11 His

  • It's been quite a few hours since the Alpha abandoned her in his bedroom. With each passing second, her impatience grew. She attempted to break through the door, but the guards stationed outside appear to be uninterested about her existence. She finally takes in the room after being in it for the third time. In the center of the room is a California King-size bed. A dark-grey duvet with simple white designs, a few puffy pillows, one of which bears the palace emblem, a dark marble fireplace flanked by a lounging chair of black and gold velvet, and another set of chairs placed in the massive balcony with white curtains on the door and massive tall windows. The black and grey coloured walls are flawless; there is no trace of the fire she had set the last time she managed to run. 
  • She begins working out to pass the time after planning another escape from the vast palace. Her broken rib and all the cuts have healed, but she is still unable to reach her beast or vampire. She is also unable to use her magical abilities. Around 1 p.m., there was a knock on the door, and an older woman entered with a platter of food. Another woman comes up behind her, carrying a set of clothes. They were both dressed in white shirts and black skirts, indicating that they were palace maids. The maid left, bowing to her, after placing the set of clothes on the bedside table, and the older maid placed the food on the bedside table.
  • "His Highness is caught up with pack affairs and will be unable to join you before evening. My Lady, I was told to accompany you on a tour of the Alpha wing after you finish your lunch." She politely informs her. She responds with a nod. 
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