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Chapter 4 Three

  • Rafael's hand rested above her head, its free arm snaking around her petite waist.
  • She sucked her breath in. They were only a few inches apart, and she could smell his enticing perfume scent. Then she felt his lips brush against her ear. "You're overthinking things. Relax, I'm not going to hurt you." He soothed her with his soothing voice, but she couldn't relax because of its arm around her waist.
  • "L-let me go. She said softly.
  • Rafael turned away from her, but his arm remained on her waist.
  • Rafael locked his gaze on her, his thumb tracing her poreless checks down to her lower lip, which she was unconsciously biting. "You're scared, aren't you?" He asked, and because that is the case, she simply chose not to respond and avoided making eye contact with him.
  • Rafael locked his gaze on her for a few moments before finally letting her go. Only then did she exhale a sigh of relief.
  • Rafael returned to the table and took the two glasses into which he poured wine before returning to her and handing her the glass. She paused for a moment, but when she looked into Rafael's dark, cold, and icy eyes, she reluctantly accepted the glass of wine.
  • Rafael returned to the table and sat in a chair that she had overlooked. Well, the guy had her full attention and she was no longer paying attention to anything else. She stood near the door, holding the glass of wine, unsure what to do.
  • "Please take a seat, Ms.Smith, and let us talk about how I can help you and your younger brother."
  • She gulped first before following what Rafael said.
  • She sat in the chair in front of Rafael and placed her glass on the table.
  • She bowed down and placed her palms over her thigh. She couldn't take the man's hot and icy stares any longer.
  • "Look at me. I want you to look at me while we're talking." That is not a request, but rather a command.
  • She looked Rafael in the eyes while biting her lower lip. Rafael's eyes were clouded with lust as he looked at her lips. She was uncomfortable, so she voluntarily opened up about the help Rafael could provide her, or if he could help at all.
  • She is not a fool. She knew he had a hidden agenda, and based on the way he looked at her, she knew exactly what he wanted in exchange for the help he would provide her.
  • "Mr.Standford," she began.  "I'm here to speak with you about what you said at the hospital yesterday. You said that you could help me."
  • Even though she was nervous, she thanked the heavens that she didn't stutter as she spoke.
  • "Yes, yes, yes." He said this as he sipped wine from his glass.
  • He put his hands on his crossed legs after putting down the goblet, which she found very sexy.
  • She reprimanded herself in secret.
  • How could she have thought those things knowing that the man in front of her was dangerous? 
  • "And since you've shown up, I'm assuming you're interested in my offer." Even his cold voice is seductive.
  • She wished she could slap herself for thinking such things.
  • Rafael's words elicited a nod from her.
  • He gave a smirk. "Good." He leaned back in his chair, his arms crossed across his chest. "This is all I have to offer you, Ms. Smith." I will provide everything your brother requires for his medication. I'll transfer him to our country's most expensive and advanced hospital, where he will be cared for by professionals and the best doctors the world has to offer." Rafael's words finally piqued her interest. Just what she needed to make her brother feel better. "I'll also give you a condo unit to stay in because you don't have a decent place to stay." I will also send you to a university, where you can take any course you want and make your dreams come true, and of course, I'll give you a monthly allowance of 30,000."
  • Michelle suddenly felt dizzy by what Rafael said.
  • His offers were so tempting that she just wanted to say yes right away.
  • "I can provide you with everything, Ms. Smith. Everything. There is only one thing you need to do for me. You only need one thing to have everything you want."
  • Just like what she thought. Everything has a price.
  • Who is a sensible person today that would help someone he doesn't even know?
  • "And w-what is it?"
  • Even though she already knew the answer to that question, she still wanted to hear it from the man himself.
  • Rafael moved his chair and brought his face closer to hers. Suddenly, she felt suffocated.
  • "Be my bed warmer. Be my lover." Rafael said that made her suck her breath.