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Owned By Him

Owned By Him

Maria Adelle

Update: 2021-10-08

Chapter 1 Prologue

  • “Your brother is afflicted with Lupus, Ms. Smith.” After examining her brother, Michael, who was now unconscious and lying on the bed, the doctor informed Michelle.
  • She rushed Michael to the hospital after he became ill with a high fever and had a seizure. She had been very nervous earlier, while her brother was being examined by doctors in the emergency room.
  • “W-what is that?” She inquired, somewhat nervously.
  • “Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease. It wreaks havoc on various parts of our bodies.” The doctor elaborated.
  • After hearing what the doctor said, she sucked her breath.
  • “I-it can be treated, right?”
  • She silently hoped that the doctor would say ‘yes.’
  • “Fortunately, it is treatable. It’s a good thing you rushed your brother here to the hospital right away. Lupus is a potentially fatal disease, Ms. Smith, but it can be successfully managed with the help of our medications.”
  • “Do whatever it takes, Doc, to heal my brother.”
  • The doctor nodded and smiled warmly at her. “Ms.Smith, we’ll do everything we can to assist your brother. For the time being, we must conduct some tests to determine the type of lupus he has. But let me just warn you, Ms.Smith, that you will need a lot of money for your brother’s medications, so you should prepare accordingly.” The doctor then tapped her on the shoulder and walked away.
  • She sat in the chair, shakily, and covered her face with her palm. She sighed heavily as her eyes watered, and she sobbed as her tears finally fell.
  • She is at a loss for what to do. She does not know where to look for money, she can’t even find a penny to buy herself food, and now she has to look for money again for her brother’s medical needs.
  • If only their parents were still alive, if their parents hadn’t been in an accident at the same time, they wouldn’t be living like this. They will not suffer.
  • When their parents died in a car accident five years ago, she was only 15 years old and his brother was 6 years old. And because her family’s relatives refused to take them in, she had to work harder for herself and her brother’s survival, but because she was too young, she could not find a decent job, and they eventually became homeless.
  • Their lives have been challenging. They don’t have a place to live because the bank foreclosed on their house because of her father’s debt. And to get food into her and her brother’s stomachs, they would wait for food waste from fast-food restaurants and fast-food chains, and then look for something to eat.
  • She was disgusted at first, but she eventually grew accustomed to it. She has no choice; otherwise, she will starve to death.
  • She took a deep breath and wiped away her tears. She must be brave for her brother’s sake. She should not show signs of weakness.
  • She stood up and was about to enter her brother’s room when she noticed a man.
  • The man was staring at her as if she were an interesting object, giving her goosebumps. But, for some inexplicable reason, she couldn’t take her gaze away from the man. And her heart thumped loudly as the stranger approached her slowly.
  • She wished she could turn away and go into her brother’s room, but she couldn’t move her feet. And she can’t help but feel admiration for the stranger now that he’s right in front of her.
  • The man was very attractive!
  • She gulped when the stranger smirked at her, which she thought was very sexy. “I’ve heard what the doctor said about your brother.” The stranger spoke. She doesn’t know him, but there’s something about the stranger that keeps her grounded. It’s as if there’s a magnet between them, drawing her towards him. “And I can help you, Ms.Smith. I can help you in saving your brother.”