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Chapter 5

  • He pacified himself that he needs to take it slow. So he started working, and every minute he would look at her face which was indulged in the magazine. The office was in complete silence, the only sound of paper flipping was coming after some intervals.
  • Alice was reading a magazine which she randomly picked to cut the time, but the magazine was all about Alexander Williams. She saw his photos with different girls on every page. Some were top actresses, some top models and the way they were sticking to his body like Octopus. She felt like he was just like her brother, another playboy. 
  • Almost after two hours Alex heard Alice’s voice “Mr. Alexander Williams I hope you don’t mind” when he looked up from his documents, he saw her holding a cigarette and he immediately said “I don’t like girls smoking” Alice scoffed and said “Mr. Alexander Williams I didn’t ask what you like or dislike, anyways can you tell me where is the smoking area on this floor?.
  • Alex was about to stop her but she stood and left with the speed of light. He was feeling pissed, he waited for her and after some time she came inside after the knock. When she entered her eyes fell on the chair where Alex was sitting but the chair was empty before she could turn towards the sofa she was pulled harshly and pinned to the wall.
  • Alex’s face was just an inch away from her face and he said gritting his teeth “I told you I don’t like you smoking” saying these and was about to kiss her just at that time she kicked him in his groin hardly. Alex was not able to bear the pain and left Alice.
  • He was not able to stand because of the pain. Alice kicked him again and said, “never take me as your mistress, who is dying to be on your bed, and this is the first and last warning never come closer to me because next time I will kill you NO WARNINGS” saying this she started reading the magazine like nothing happened.
  • Alex recovered from the pain and went back to his seat. He was not able to believe how come a person can change this much. He was also surprised that all the women in the country try different stunts to get his attention but she is not interested at all in him.
  • He was questioning himself that he was not handsome enough that she could like him. Whatever the reason is he knew one thing he will make her fall in love with him again after although he had never done it before. He just fucked girls; he was never in a relationship with anyone. 
  • But now he was eager to know what happened in the past that changed his gentle and lovely Alice to such a rude girl. How come she forgot him, she always said that she loves him more than herself than what happened that changed her totally in a new person.
  • It was lunchtime and Alice was feeling hungry and without any hesitation, she got up and walked towards the door. When her hand was on the doorknob she heard Alex's voice “where are you going?” 
  • She turned around looked at him and said “I am hungry, going to have lunch…may be in cafeteria or I will go out to some restaurant” 
  • Alex smirked and said, “You are supposed to be my bodyguard, then how come you are leaving me alone?” Alice glared at him angrily and said: “you want me to protect you without even eating anything?” 
  • ‘She looks so cute when she is angry’ Alex thought and stood from his chair and walked towards her and said “don’t worry I won’t let you die out of hunger” and he touched the doorknob to open it but grabbed her hand which was already on the doorknob.
  • The moment his hand touched her hand she immediately pulled her hand back. He leaned towards her face and said smirking evilly “do you feel current flowing out of my body?”
  • She looked at him with bored eyes and said “lame joke” and walked out. He followed her; everyone in the secretary department was shocked to see their President following a little girl.
  • Joy stood to follow President, Alex stopped for a moment and said to Joy “I want you to do a deep investigation on Alice Turner, for the last 7 years and it should start from Alaska, and you don’t need to follow me” by saying that he left.
  • Alice was already standing in front of the lift waiting for him; she didn’t hear what he said to Joy as she had already walked away, once she spotted him she said in an irritated tone “Are you pregnant? Can’t you walk a little fast?” passing by people who heard it, their breath was stuck in the throat.
  • They know their evil President, they thought that in the next moment they will only see blood on the floor and that blood will be of Alice and they were startled when they saw their President didn’t do anything as per past instead he walked smiling towards her.
  • People had never seen him smiling, for a moment they thought they were either in dreams or they are just seeing a mirage. Because their CEO is the rudest person born on the earth, but everything happening in front of their eyes was a fact. This news spread like fire in the office.
  • Joy and Alice entered the lift. Once the door closed Alex turned to Alice and said: “can’t we talk like normal human beings?” Alice looked at him and said in an annoyed tone “I am not here to talk to you” 
  • Alex was feeling irritated and said in a little annoyed tone “why do you hate me so much?” Alice replied immediately “I hate rich bastards like you” Alex frowned and said “Dylan is also like me then, why don’t you hate him” “he is my brother” Alice replied coldly.
  • Before Alex could ask the next question the door of the lift opens. They walked out; Alex’s driver was already waiting for them. He grabbed the keys from his hands and said “I will drive” and waved Alice to sit in the car. The car ride was silent and no one spoke. 
  • Once they reached a luxurious restaurant, Alex gave his keys for valet parking. They reached the Private VIP room which is always booked for Alex. After settling down, Alex gave the order for both of them without even asking her about her preference.