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Chapter 2

  • Alex was known as a person of few words, he never waist time in beating around the bush and asked the question without wasting time in plain but impact-full tone “what is your relationship with Alice” as much as he knew Dylan was a fucker, he will fuck all the girls working for him.
  • And if he had touched his Alice, today he is going to die here.
  • Dylan knew that what Alex wants to ask him, so he tried to clear the misunderstanding “Alex believe me, she is only the girl in my gang for whom I never had any bad thoughts because she is like my sister”
  • Alex replied coldly “if I get to know you laid a finger on my baby, believe me, your people will not get your body also to burry” 
  • Dylan knew Alex’s temper very well he immediately said “Boss, you must believe me, she is like my sister and she works for me that’s it”
  • Alex replied, “that's good for you, how you met her?” 
  • Dylan replied “she saved my life once, actually I was in Alaska 6 years back for a meeting but my enemies attacked me, I was shot and was hiding in a valley where she also came running for hiding, she was also trying to hide from someone she had blood on her dress but before I could ask something, my enemies were standing in front of me, within a blink of an eyes Alice took the gun from my hand and shoot all the enemies. I was shocked to see a sixteen-year-old shooting so perfectly.
  • I fainted after I woke up. She was sitting next to my bed, my people had captured her because she was by my side when they got me, they didn’t know whether she was a friend or enemy so they kept her captive. 
  • When I woke up the first thing I asked her where she learned shooting she said she never learned shooting it was just the reflex action in the instinct of survival. 
  • When I interrogated more she told me that she killed her stepfather because he tried to rape her. And she was running from police” Dylan stopped because he thought it was too much for Alex to digest.
  • Alex heard all these and his palms were clenched all the time. He never thought that his Alice, his love, his heartbeat would suffer these much behind his back.
  • Alex looked at Dylan and said “go on” Dylan continued “she asked if I have any work for her and if I can help her to hide from the police and I helped her. I gave her training on shooting and changed her name to the Black angel; she always says that Alice died a long time ago”
  • After listening to Dylan Alex stood from his place called Joy to come inside and once Joy was inside he said “I want Alice with me 24*7 starting from tomorrow 9 am” and after finishing his statement he was leaving the room when Dylan said “Alex, she is very stubborn she won’t agree”
  • Alex turned to face Dylan and said “tomorrow at 9 am” and with this, he left the room.
  • Joy and Dylan were sweating from head to toe. Now they were stuck between the devil and the deep sea.
  • Dylan called Alice but she was not responding to his calls, he was sure that she must have drunk a lot and must be sleeping now. He assured Joy he would try to do something and he left for Alice’s house.
  • Alice just woke up and took a bath when her doorbell was ringing continuously. She felt annoyed and opened the door and said “what the hell….Dylan, what are you doing here?”
  • Dylan entered the house and sat on the sofa, fear was pasted on his face. Alice frowned and asked sitting next to him “What happened bro?”
  • Dylan immediately took both the palms of Alice’s hands and said in a pleading tone “Angel! I need your help, your brother needs your help please do me a favor”
  • Alice looked at him suspiciously because as much as she knows he is mafia boss then why he is pleading in front of her and she asked “at least first tell me what happened and how I can help you”
  • Dylan was in thought for a few minutes trying to make up some story and then said “actually I have a friend and he needs my help” Alice immediately replied, “then help him what's the problem in that?”
  • Dylan nodded his head and said “Black first listen to me, he is a very powerful person but he has few unknown threats on his life so he needs a bodyguard for him” while saying all these he was also thinking that when Alex will know what a shitty reason I have given he will kill him, he is the definition of death how can anyone threaten him.
  • He was pleading in his mind ‘Alex please spare me and also try to understand me and sorry bro’
  • Alice pulled him out of thoughts “Brother you are saying that he is a powerful person then why can’t he protect himself and if he needs a bodyguard he can hire them…..where’s the problem here” with that she stood and walked towards her kitchen.
  • Dylan immediately followed her and said “no dear sister, he asked me for help so I want to help him and I am assigning you as his bodyguard as you are my best person”
  • Alice suddenly stopped, turned and asked “and who gave you the idea that I will do it? I am a shooter not a bodyguard” saying this she went to the kitchen.
  • Dylan felt like banging his head to the wall, he was feeling like why it has to be Alive only, this strong-headed girl and on top of that he spoiled her by accepting all her demands, just at that moment an idea clicked his mind and he had a vicious smile on his face.