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Only Mine Forever

Only Mine Forever


Last update: 2021-09-28

Chapter 1

  • It was Friday night, music was high, everyone was busy dancing, boozing, and smoking. 
  • Alice was seated on the high chair facing the bar counter and enjoying her drink when a waiter came and said “Excuse me, Mam, Mr. Williams wants to buy a drink for you” 
  • On the other hand, Alexander Williams who was seating a little far was smirking when he saw the waiter talking to the girl whose back was facing him, and only seeing her back was enough for him to get her to his bed for tonight. She was wearing a black crop top and her sexy white waist was visible which made him hard to resist.
  • He thought that once that girl will listen to his name she will turn and smile and he will ride her his way.  That’s what happens every night, girls throw themselves on him, and they just want his attention once. After some time the waiter came shaking with his head looking at the ground and said “Si…Sir…” he was not able to speak out of fear because he knew the moment he said what happened he might lose his head from his body.
  • Alex looked at him with a cold face and said in a plain tone “say it” The waiter mustered up his courage and said “Sir …that Mam …she…she paid the bill of your table and said ……” he was not able to say further he urinated in his pants.
  • Alex stood and said angrily “say it now” waiter tried to continue “sir… she ….she said …fuck you with.. with your money” after saying this waiter fainted.
  • Alex waved his hands to his man to take away the waiter and left.
  • Before leaving he looked at the place where the girl was seated but she was gone.
  • While he was seating in his Mercedes-Maybach he called Joy his assistant and said “I want all the details of a girl, who just now paid the bill of my table in my fucking pub”
  • Joy was shocked to hear what Alex said he replied “yes boss” and Alex hung up the call. Joy thought “poor girl you messed with the god of death, god bless your poor soul”
  • In half an hour he got the details in his mail, he smirked while reading the details 
  • Name: Black angel 
  • Age: 22 years
  • Height: 5.6 
  • Work: Right hand of Mafia boss Dylan Millers, top shooter
  • Hobbies: Playing Pubg, loves playing football in the rain
  • Her address and many other details 
  • He told the driver to go to her address smirking and thinking “black angel, I will fuck you senseless tonight, you will know with whom you messed, you should never reject Alexander Williams” then he mumbled “sorry my friend Dylan your people messed up with the wrong person”
  • In the next fifteen minutes he reached Alice's apartment, it was a high-end society. His bodyguards made way for him. No one had the guts to stop him or ask any question.
  • Alice’s home was on the sixteenth floor; he stood in front of the gate and waved the bodyguards to open the door. The door had a fingerprint lock but by the time he reached here, his hacker team had already unlocked the door.
  • He asked his bodyguards to wait at the door and he entered the house. 
  • When He entered the house his eyes fell on the girl she was sleeping on the couch on her stomach only in her sexy panty and bra, his eyes got full of lust and he thought “good that you are wearing less it will take my fewer efforts” with this thought he walked to the sofa.
  • When he approached the sleeping beauty her face was covered with her black hair. He squatted down and slowly moved the hairs from her face. 
  • The moment he saw her face he freezed for a moment. Many emotions were on his face startled, surprised, happy, many questions.
  • If anyone sees his face right now will not be able to believe that Alexander Williams had emotions where he is known as an emotionless man.
  • The First words left his mouth were “finally got you Mrs. Williams” he sat there on the floor looking at the sleeping beauty, her long eyelashes, her angelic face, she still looks fragile like a newborn baby. 
  • No one can believe that the person who can turn the economy of the city up and down was sitting on the floor.
  • But after a few minutes’ realizations hit him with many questions like “what is she doing here in NY? How did she join the mafia? What the hell happened in the past? Why is her name black angel” with this he called Joy and said “fix my meeting with Dylan tomorrow first thing and cancel all my meetings of the day” and he hung the call without letting Joy respond.
  • He sat their whole night, just looking at sleeping and caressing her head with a smile pasted on his lips. 
  • He left at dawn before going he kissed her forehead, smiled, and said “this time I won’t let you go, baby now I am strong enough to keep you by my side” and he left.
  • He went to his home to freshen up, called Joy to hire the best people and be around Alice all the time. He wants a report of her every moment.
  • He left for the meeting with Dylan which was at 9 am. 
  • He reached one of his own luxuries hotels and straight to his suit which was soundproof. He chose this place for a meeting so that no information would be leaked.
  • Dylan reached after a few minutes and directly went to Alex’s president suite.
  • All the bodyguards of Dylan and Alex were stopped at the door and Dylan and Alex were inside.
  • Dylan gave a friendly hug to Alex and said: “It is my honor to know that Big Boss needs my help, tell me, my friend, what can I do for you?”
  • Dylan and Alex were friends, there were many times when Alex had helped Dylan and with help of Alex he became the great mafia boss, they are not much in touch in the last few years being busy with their work.
  • Dylan was surprised to know that Alex wants to meet him.