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  • Sunny's POV
  • “Miss Peruvian, would you like to see your grades for this semester?” My professor asked me as soon as everyone could step out of our classroom. “No ma'am, no need,” I spoke.
  • My professor glared at me. Her thick eyeglasses made her look like my real mom. We were both wearing thick round eyeglasses, although she is definitely not my favorite prof, and so I am not her favorite either since I am not the smartest student in her class. "Miss Peruvian, you need to take this seriously, two years from now and the graduation will finally take place, but we are not sure yet whether you'll be involved in that ceremony or not."
  • Why does she sound just like my sister?
  • I averted my gaze, pretending as if I was really listening to whatever she was saying. “You still have a chance, Miss Peruvian. Only if you'll agree with having a tutor. Or maybe, ask one of your friends to help you study. I barely even see you with someone inside the school premises. Do you have friends, Miss Peruvian?"
  • "II do, I have friends, Miss. B-But not here inside the school. II have friends a-at home ."
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