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  • Sunny's POV
  • "So, Damon Furlord is your boyfriend?" Natalie asked me while we were eating our lunch on the rooftop.
  • I badly want to tell her that Damon is not really my boyfriend but then that devil threatened me a while ago and told me that we should make everyone believe that we really have a relationship, even to Natalie. "Y-Yes, he is my boyfriend."
  • "You don't know how lucky you are, Sunny. Do you know how everyone are going crazy over him? He is the greatest Damon Furlord, the youngest and most handsome self-made CEO in the country!" Natalie cooed.
  • "Well, I don't think that's a big deal. He's just a normal man anyway. He farts, he eats stinky foods, he himself stinks sometimes, he frowns, he gets mad, he looks ugly sometimes." I said while eating my sandwich.
  • Natalie then laughed, "I don't think there's even a chance of him to look ugly. His face is just so perfect, there's no way he would look ugly even he just woke up in the morning."
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