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Chapter 8 Second Time Fight

  • The next morning Tanya woke up early and after having breakfast she went to see the apartment. She looked at the apartments till the evening and rented the last one because it was beautiful and was within her budget. Besides, there was also a mall a short distance away from his apartment building. She rented this apartment now and thought of buying it later. After doing everything she went back to the hotel. She had planned to shift here tomorrow morning.
  • Before going to the hotel, she had dinner and went to her room, first took a shower and then went to bed and lay down. As soon as she lay down her phone started ringing. She looked at the phone screen and Nidhi's name was flashing on it.
  • As soon as she picked up the phone, Nidhi's angry voice came from there, "Where are you? it's been so many days that you haven't called even once.”
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