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My Husband From Novel

My Husband From Novel


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Rebirth

  • A girl was running wildly on the road. There were only tears in his eyes. Her name was Swati and she was 25 years old. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 20 years old. She graduated as a computer programmer and was working in a company. Along with this, she was also a hacker but she kept her identity hidden from everyone. She also wanted to study business further but after the death of her parents, this dream of hers remained unfulfilled and she had to find a job for herself.
  • When she was running on the road, she was not aware of the world, all she remembered was how her boyfriend and her friend were cheating on her. The boyfriend whom she had loved for the last five years, today her Boyfriend and friend were seen in bed together. Since then she came running from there without saying anything. When she was lost in her own thoughts, she did not notice that a truck was coming towards her.
  • Then suddenly...boom...
  • Swati, who was running on the road a little while ago, was now lying soaked in blood on one side of the road.
  • Then suddenly there was the sound of people shouting and an ambulance. They quickly put her in the ambulance and took her to the hospital where the doctor declared Swati dead.
  • Somewhere in a room of a house -
  • There was a girl lying on the bed who was staring at the ceiling of the room with her eyes open. Then she slowly got up and sat on the bed.
  • She then started looking at the entire room carefully. Then she looked at his hands, there were injury marks on them and there was also a mark on her forehead.
  • "I am alive...."
  • Swati only remembered that she had met with an accident and was lying soaked in blood on the road. Then her eyes slowly closed and when she opened them, she found herself in an unknown place. Then she saw his face in the mirror in the room and there was a mark of injury on his forehead.
  • "...this face...this face is not mine...where am I? Which place is this?”
  • Swati once again looked around the room. The whole room was very simple. There was nothing in it except a bed, wardrobe and study desk.
  • Just then the door of the room opened with a loud noise and a 40-45 year old woman came inside. As soon as she comes, she slaps Swati hard on her face due to which Swati stumbles and falls down.
  • Then the woman grabs Swati's hair and pulls her hard and says, "Tanya, I told you last night and even now I am telling you to stay away from Vipul. You are not worthy of him, he will never like you. Only Shruti deserves it. You should never even try to take Shruti's place. You can never get that place. Today Shruti and Vipul are coming home to meet us! So you stay in the room and Don't come out.”
  • After saying this the woman left Swati's room.
  • Then when the woman went out of the room, the door closed with a loud sound and Swati kept looking at that door for a long time. Then she stood up. Whatever had happened now, trouble could be clearly seen on Swati's face. Then she went and sat on the bed.
  • She was wondering who this woman was and why she was calling her Tanya. And Tanya, Vipul and Shruti, why did all these names seem so familiar to her and why did this face also seem so familiar to her.
  • Thinking about all this,Swati placed her hand on her head, but as soon as she touched her head, she felt severe pain.
  • " minute, isn't this the novel I was reading online? In which the story's female lead is pitted against his stepmother and sisters. Both of them hate swati and her step sister makes the boy her boyfriend whom tanya loves. but later her sister dies in a car accident and The entire blame is put on Tanya. The boy marries her to take revenge and tortures her but the girl still loves him. But later the boy starts pretending to treat her well and instil hope in her heart. But later he sells her only for the contract and in order to marry another girl, he implicates her in false allegations and gets a divorce from her. But she is unable to tolerate all this and ultimately dies. But her sister who dies comes back after a short time. In fact her sister did not die. She just pretends to be dead and runs away.”
  • Swati shouted, "No way, that's why this name and this face seemed very familiar to me.”
  • Now she remembered where she had heard this name and that woman was her step mother. Now she remembered everything. She remembers how much she cried when she read this novel. She couldn't bear to see the pain and was so angry at how she could remain madly in love. She was most angry at the boy who had put her in such a condition. And he could not recognize the real girl whom he had met in childhood.
  • "So am I in that girl's body? In Tanya's body!”
  • Saying this, she started searching for something in the entire room and found many documents in the cupboard drawer. Then she started reading them one by one. She got only one name on them..Tanya Khanna.
  • "What the hell! I, Tanya. So that means that the woman was Tanya's stepmother Sveta.”
  • she started pulling her hair in tension.
  • "But how did all this happen? How did I end up here in this novel? That too in Tanya's place! What should I do now? I don't want to die again, that too after falling madly in love like this!”
  • Swati started pacing here and there in the whole room like crazy.
  • "One minute, that woman has just come and gone, meaning right now I am at the place where her step mother beats her and tells her to stay away from Vipul. That's why I have bruises on my hands and forehead. That means I still have time and there's still time for a car accident to happen.”