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Chapter 4 Meeting For The First Time

  • Then she starts roaming on the same road where there are small shops nearby. Then she goes to a book stall, sees some books and buys them. When she starts returning after buying books, she bumps into a boy. All her books fall down and when she herself is about to fall, a hand comes and grabs her by her waist and pulls her back up. As soon as Tanya looks at that boy, she is surprised. That boy is very handsome. He has eyes as deep as a lake, thin pink lips, black hair and brown eyes.
  • He was also wearing a white shirt and black jeans. In which he was looking even more handsome. Her clothes were very casual but they suited her very well. Tanya was surprised to see him and got lost in his eyes.
  • The same boy also got lost in Tanya's eyes after seeing her.
  • Then there came a sound of coughing from nearby, hearing which both of them became normal and stood straight after hearing the sound.
  • The boy standing nearby said in a very sweet voice, "Miss, these are your books."
  • Tanya said to the boy, "Yes, thanks."
  • Saying this, Tanya took her books which had fallen down. That boy was also very handsome, but he had no comparison to the beauty of the boy standing nearby. Looking at him it felt as if an angel had come to earth.
  • The boy looked at Tanya and said, "Hello, my name is Tanmay and this is my friend Shivam."
  • Tanmay asked the girl standing in front of him, "Miss, what is your name?"
  • Tanya said, "Yes, Tanya."
  • Then a cold voice came from nearby, “Are you okay?”
  • This voice was of Shivam.
  • "Yes I'm fine, thanks, I should leave now."
  • Having said this, Tanya turned back from there without waiting for his reply and went away.
  • Looking at Shivam, Tanmay said, "Dude, wonder from which direction the sun has risen today. How did you save the girl from falling today? But it looked amazing, that girl did not even smile at you and turned and went back. And what is this dude, why do you always go anywhere and buy things from such small shops? Wherever you go on a trip, you buy goods from such shops. Okay, please tell me when to hold the interview to find a secretary for you. You have fired 6 in a year already, none of them stayed in your office for more than 2 months.”
  • Although Shivam did not respond to his words, his eyes were still on Tanya, who was buying something from someone far away.
  • “Keep it for next week, and ask Tanisha to meet me after I go to Mumbai.”
  • Shivam said and went away from there ignoring Tanmay.
  • It was Tanmay who was complaining. When he looked carefully at Shivam's face, he saw a slight smile on it. He was shocked to see this, then he followed his eyes and saw that Shivam's eyes were still on Tanya. Then he saw him leaving from there.
  • He was surprised to see all this, because his friend was always cold towards girls. In fact, he had fired 6 secretaries from their jobs within a year. None lasted more than 2 months.
  • In fact, Tanmay was Shivam's childhood friend and also a partner in his company. Shivam had taken over the Malik Empire last year itself and since then Tanmay had also become a partner by investing in his company. Tanisha was also Shivam's friend and also his doctor. Besides this, she was also Tanmay's girlfriend.
  • Actually Shivam had Christophe and could not go close to any girl. His family members were also very worried due to his illness, they always looked for a girl for him but he could not go to anyone and his attitude towards girls was always cold. As soon as he touched any girl, she would get rashes on his body. But Tanya was the first one whose touching did not cause any harm to him.
  • Tanmay said to the secretary standing behind him, “That girl was here just now, find out all the information about her.”
  • The secretary standing nearby asked, "Okay sir, but what is the qualification to be given for the post of secretary?"
  • Tanmay said, "No, no one, anyone will do, even if she has passed 12th or is doing graduation, there should be someone who can bear him.”
  • Saying this he also went after Shivam. He saw that Shivam was staring somewhere. When he looked in that direction, he saw Tanya sitting on a bench in a corner of the park and playing the flute. Tanya looked very beautiful while playing the flute. The tune she was playing was very calm and melodious. He didn't know what tune she was playing.
  • After a while Tanya stopped playing that tune and left the park. She went and stopped a taxi on the road, sat in it and left from there. After some time Shivam and Tanmay also left from there. Tanmay was very surprised to see everything. Then he took out his phone and sent a pic to Tanisha and Shivam's parents. Actually, when Tanya and Shivam were standing together, he had secretly taken a picture of them.
  • After Tanya came away from them, she saw a man selling a flute at a distance. That man had a very beautiful flute.
  • Tanya bought one from him and left from there. After coming a little distance, she saw a park and went and sat in a corner of it. Then she was looking at the flute held in her hand. Tears came to his eyes after seeing the flute. She was taught to play the flute by her father when she was young and learned hacking from her mother.
  • After his parents death, this was the only thing that made her feel close to them. She always played it. After some time she picked up the flute and put it on his lips and started playing a tune. The tune she was playing was called Wuji, it was the tune from "The Untamed". She liked this flute tune very much. She had learned to play this tune by herself and she used to play that tune sometimes after coming home from the office. When she stopped playing the tune, she got up from the bench an d walked out of the park. She stopped a taxi and went home.