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  • The Sun was shining mildly, the birds around were chirping and trees swaying.
  • And I literally, thought that it was gonna rain today but I’m out here tryna find a grocery store to find some food or junk foods to satisfy this  hunger of Mine.. ‘Cos, I’m damn famished already.
  • Gosh, I think I’m gonna ask Mom to get  me a license pretty soon.. It’s so damn hard to walk for so long especially, when you are so god damn Hungry.
  • And already, the mild sun is already leaving it’s rightful place and I thought so indeed
  • . “It’s gonna rain soon”. I said as I saw the clouds changing as black clouds were rolling in already.
  • I increased my pace feeling sad because of the hunger within me is not taking it likely with Me. As I walked passed a certain house close to the neighborhood, I heard a call from the other end of the house.
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