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  • **** Ryan P.O.V ****
  • I had a lot of thinking and many emotions flooded me. I didn’t know how to control my emotions with powers and this always freak me out.
  • Immediately, my eye lens went dark and I appeared in my demonic chamber.
  • Get me something craving to eat, I ordered as I sat on one of the cushion resting my head and waiting for my meal.
  • ‘’Hello My Lord, Welcome… Here’s is your meal. It’s your favorite… It was garnished as a form steak and barbecue and some female human blood to nourished you after your Meal. ENJOY’’.. A young lady by name Lillian said.
  • Mmmmm… It’s indeed delicious and I have so missed this meal. My Favorite indeed and I named it the Human Steak Meal.
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