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  • **** Nina’s P.O.V ****
  • “Hello passengers, please get ready to take off your seat belts because in the next few minutes we will be landing. Thank you.”
  • I woke up from my little slumber and my eyes were puffy and red.
  • I’m assuming because that’s what I look like after I’ve cried for so long.
  • Few minutes later, we go t to Singapore and I got off the plane and went outside the airport. I looked around not knowing what to do, So, I decided to just walk around and just looking for where to stay.
  • Some of my relatives are here but, it’s been a very time since I last saw any of them. I decided to go to a place to ask if I can borrow their phone to call any of my relatives I can think of. Especially, that from my father’s side.
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