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Chapter 31

  • :Louis ushered me to his table, and since I was already aware that Adam will be right next to us, I prepared myself not to look surprised when I see him with his ex-wife-slashed-fiancée. Why was our world so close? Why did I have to see him in every corner of the world?
  • His answer to me last night was clearer than diamonds. He was not going to choose me. He would not break up with Bianca because they had a deal. There was no way he was going to cut their deal because his company was at stake. I was getting pissed with myself already. Should I talk about it with Henry?
  • As expected, Adam and Bianca were there—only a few feet away from our table. Damn it, and she was wearing the same shade of dress as I was, but her hair coordinated more with her dress than mine.
  • I almost wanted to scream. I tried not to look at them, but damn, I couldn’t help it. Adam was wearing a matching suit, and he was fine-looking as always. Unfortunately, they looked so good together. I did not want to appear nervous, but I did smile, so I would not look antagonistic. I found Adam’s eyes gleamed when he met my gaze.
  • “Adam, Bianca, good evening.” Henry greeted them first.
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