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Chapter 10

  • “I am the most stupid person alive!” I tossed the pillows, then pulled the bedsheets in frustration. “You, Julia, should leave right now because you are going to get fired tomorrow anyway!” I stomped my feet on the pillow, pretending it was me.
  • I was so pissed at myself. How could I kiss him like that? Not even once, but twice! How could I lose myself? What should I tell Henry now?
  • I laid on the bed, then set my alarm for seven. Breakfast was at eight. I closed my eyes fitfully, unsure if I could really fall asleep.
  • I woke up at exactly seven. I instantly stepped into the bathroom and took a warm shower. Afterward, I opened the wardrobe Adam talked about last night. I didn’t need my suitcase at all. My jaw dropped in amazement. It contained beautiful dresses—lots of them—and a case of shoes in a drawer. We were only staying for three days, but he overly prepared for this trip. I suddenly felt like a princess.
  • All of it looked pretty, but the yellow halter dress with floral lace hem was glamorous! It was so beautiful, so I decided to wear it to the party tonight.
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