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Chapter 99 A Thousand Ways For Revenge!

  • after I uploaded the blog, I raised my phone and showed Qin Ziqin!
  • Qin Ziqin merely took a glance and her face turned ghastly!
  • " Hurry and delete that!" She pounced over and wanted to snatch my phone.
  • I dodged and she missed.
  • I put my phone back in my bag and said indifferently, "it was you that reminded me. Otherwise I wouldn't even recall that I need to send the pictures. It's better that I do it early otherwise you find someone to assassinate me time. I wouldn't be so lucky every time, since I will be dying, I might as well bring you along."
  • "Qin Ziqi !!!" Qin Ziqin was too worried that she couldn't be bothered to talk with me.
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