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Chapter 5 Merely a Stray Dog of Qin Family

  • It seemed that none of mother and Qin Ziqin expected me to be awake, through the dark lighting of the floor lamp, I could still easily tell their expressions were wrong.
  • Mother switched to her faked and kind smile, and asked me: "Ziqi, how's your wound, do you need to go to the hospital?"
  • If this had happened in the past, I would be moved. But right now, my heart was colder than the winter.
  • Qin Ziqin saw my indifferent expression, she knew I had heard their conversation completely. She interrupted mother straight-forward, "Mom, stop acting. It's easy to tell that this stray dog already knew what's going on."
  • A stray dog.
  • As I heard how accustomed Qin Ziqin was calling me such, I knew that I must have had this nickname for a long time among them.
  • "A stray dog?" I bearred my pain, walked to the empty sofa and sat down, and said on purpose, "Even a stray dog has four percent of share."
  • Sure enough, as I was saying, mother understood what I meant, and scolded: "Qin Ziqin, you were raised by us, the Qin Family, for three years, you were supposed to pay us back with those stockings!"
  • I sat there, thinking about all the troubles that they went through, were just for these stockings, I felt funny and I couldn't help but smiled a little.
  • "What are you laughing about?" Mother asked me.
  • Wait, no, right now, it was inappropriate to call her mother anymore.
  • Her original name was Fan Yu. Father's original name was Qin Zhaomin.
  • I stared at Fan Yu, stopped laughing, and said: "Actually, before this happened today, I had treasured this family affection more than anything. You ask me for it, I wouldn't hesitate and I would give you those shares. However, as this has already happened, everything is different."
  • They treasured interests, so they thought that I was the same as them.
  • But they didn't know that, in my heart, the most important thing was this family affection.
  • "You... ..." Fan Yu seemed perplexed.
  • As long as Qin Ziqin heard me, she seemingly pulled Fan Yu's hand a bit, "Mom, you went upstairs, let me have a little conversation with sister."
  • I could have guessed what Qin Ziqin was going to tal to me about.
  • But most of them would be nonsense.
  • After Fan Yu went upstairs, she sat beside me intimately, with a smiley face, she said: "Sister, this whole thing, was came up by mom and dad, I didn't agree to it in the beginning... ..."
  • Tonight, I was awoken from my fantasies, and there was no way I'd let her lie to me like that.
  • Later, though Qin Ziqin dragged me and said something that she didn't really mean to or want to, I listened.
  • When I was done listening, I sat up and walked towards the door.
  • Seeing me insisting on leaving, finally, she lost her patience, she dragged and scolded, "Qin Ziqi, you are just a stray dog raised by our family. We have given you food and drinks, don't be too greedy!"
  • This was who she really was.
  • I turned back, saw Qin Ziqin's repulsive in countenance, and said slightly, "I would really like to show Ji Zeyan how you look right now."
  • "He-he, you don't have the chance anymore! Ji Zeyan is my husband, and you, are nothing!" Qin Ziqin wasn't scared at all.
  • Looking at her, there was a moment I even felt sorry for Ji Zeyan.
  • He was such an excellent man. It was really not in his favor marrying Qin Ziqin.
  • Maybe I was possessed, I said, "There is something I must say. The marriage agreement at the wedding, it was my fingerprint that I pressed. It only needs a notice from me to make that agreement a stack of waste paper."
  • Qin Ziqin slightly fainted.
  • Before she opened her mouth, I continued saying, "Therefore, at this point, Ji Zeyan and you are not a married couple, and we are in a fair competition."
  • After I finished saying, I took advantage of the moment of her thinking and letting go of my hand, I turned away and left.
  • I bear the pain and used all my strength to run outside, and I didn't turn my head despite of Qin Ziqin scolding me behind my back and yelling "Bitch" and "Shameless".