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Chapter 132 You Are the Only Woman That I Willingly Touch

  • "Ji Zeyan?" I subconsciously called out to him.
  • But I regretted it right away.
  • However the men had already heard me. He raised his head and saw me. There was no moonlight and I couldn't see his gaze but I could hear him laughing bitterly, "previously I don't like that you call me with my surname, I wanted you to call me Zeyan. But now, even when you called me together with the surname, I would feel so happy."
  • "President Ji, why are you still here?"
  • I didn't know why that he's words made my heart tightened. There was a faint sourness that simmered in my heart.
  • "Me? I don't even know too." Ji Zeyan's voice sounded sorrowful. He stood up and asked me, "where are you going? Should I send you?"
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