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Chapter 121 Then What Do You Want Me to Do?

  • Ji Zeyan simply stood there and Fan Yu was scolding him hysterically, "It's all because of you that our Qin Qin lost her baby, got raped and now everyone in the internet knew about her! Don't you dare to leave it like this!"
  • Ji Zeyan kept quiet.
  • He looked at Fan Yu and then back to Qin Ziqin in far distance.
  • Qin Ziqin was grabbing on the fence and she showed no signs of jumping at all.
  • Qin Zhaoming dragged Fan Yu but said to Ji Zeyan, "Mr. Ji, now that this happens to my daughter, if you do not give her a satisfactory arrangement, even if she didn't jump down today, she would be doing it sooner or later.
  • Although Qin Zhaoming was a hot-tempered person, it still depended on the other party.
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