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Chapter 106 Saved

  • Fan Yu's face turned pale but she hurriedly said, "What plagiarized? That was all because Qin Ziqi was jealous that Qin Qin is talented. And she happened to know Chen Lan and so they colluded to frame her!"
  • "Is that true?" When I heard Fan Yu's brainless remarks, I simply thought it was laughable, "I wasn't the only person that said it was Chen Lan's artwork. I simply uploaded it and plenty of those in line evaluated and appraised it. And so you should blame it on Qin Ziqin's stupidity. Chen Lan's work was so strikingly characteristic. She copying her work was an act of digging her own grave!"
  • "Let's go back."
  • Ji Zeyan held my hand and led me away.
  • Fan Yu wanted to stop us but Qin Zhaoming stopped her.
  • After all, they could offend me but they couldn't afford to offend Ji Zeyan.
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