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Chapter 6 Bring Me The Marriage Certificate

  • Natasha began the process from the beginning again, unlike before when the man's eyes opened instantly, it took more than forty seconds before the old man coughed his way back to live. When he opened his eyes again, he said to Natasha, "you are my savior, thank you and I'll reward you."
  • Natasha smiled, "don't bother, sir. I'm only helping." Seeing that the man was trying to stand, she spoke, "please relax, sir. The pin will be removed in another fifteen minutes and then you can stand and be able to do whatever you wish to do."
  • "Really? I haven't being able to stand and walk in months." Mr. Pushkin said. Gratitude was written all over the man's face. The old man couldn't wait to stand.
  • Fifteen minutes went by quickly and then, Natasha carefully removed the pins and helped the old man up. The old man stood and walk to the surprise of everyone present in the ward. Even Violet was shocked. She has no believe in pseudoscience. She didn't believe anything outside of science but seeing this happen before her, she couldn't hide her surprise.
  • As the old man walked happily to and fro, a gentle smile spread across Natasha's lips. She was glad she's able to help. All of a sudden, her mind trailed back to her kids. It's been more than an hour that she left them.
  • "Excuse me." She immediately excused herself and went to attend to her children. Whereas, at the ward, Mr. Pushkin was still jubiliating. To him, this was a miracle. He thought it was over for him and that the sickness would probably take his life, he didn't expect that a miracle would happen.
  • The atmosphere suddenly changed and even Mr. Pushkin noticed it. He knew the only person that has the power to change the atmosphere wherever he steps his foot on. That was his first grandson, Dmitry.
  • Seeing Dmitry standing a step away from the door, he walked closer to him, "Dmitry, see... I'm better now."
  • Dmitry squinted his almond shaped emerald eyes, "how is that possible?"
  • "Well, a miracle Doctor healed me." The man twisted his body for his grandson to see that he was fine now. The old man was acting like a playful little child. He was so happy.
  • Seeing his old man in such a happy mood makes Dmitry heavily burned heart ease up a little. For he has been frazzled as a result of his grandfather's ill health. His grandfather means so much to him.
  • "Grandfather, please sit." Although his grandfather could walk now, he still looks fragile. And seeing how he's jubilating with his not-fully-strong body, Dmitry thought he may fall.
  • He had been able to walk over to his grandfather and was now helping him to sit. Although Mr. Pushkin didn't really want to, he still had to do as his grandson said.
  • "Today is the happiest day of my life. Who would have believe I can stand?" Asked Mr. Pushkin.
  • "Who is this miracle doctor?" Dmitry asked.
  • "Talking of the miracle Doctor..." Mr. Pushkin made a gesture, signalling for his grandson to sit beside him. Dmitry went to sit beside the old man quietly, expecting him to answer his question. "I'm not fully fine. For me to be fully fine, the miracle Doctor has to be on our beck and call."
  • "Or course," answered Dmitry.
  • "And she's so beautiful and gracious. If I were a youth, I'll take her in as my wife," Mr. Pushkin said.
  • Dmitry sensed where his father was heading to and said, "grandfather, the past eight months of you being on sickbed had been a torture for me but at other other end, it's a bit peaceful for me cause there's no one to nag me about getting married."
  • "You have just recovered and you are already talking about marriage. I can't marry this miracle doctor," Dmitry answered bluntly.
  • "I confirmed today that you never loved me." Mr. Pushkin began to cry and then uttered in the middle of his sobbing , "Despite all I did for you when you were young. Is this how you'll repay me? You want me to die, right?"
  • "Of course not." Dmitry answered. He knew his grandfather wanted to bribe him with his tears but one of the many things that doesn't move him is tears. Cry a river and he won't be moved. "The miracle could still be at our beck and call if we offer her a huge sum of money and make her sign a contract."
  • "I want her in our family." The old man stood and went to swiftly remove a knife from the back pocket of one of his escorts. Placing the knife in his arm, the man said, "I'll cut my wrist and die now. It will be said that your disobedience leads to your father's death." Mr. Pushkin threatened.
  • This is the third year that an horrible incident had befallen his grandson and since then, he had sworn never to have anything to do with women. Mr. Pushkin had done everything to make him marry but he had refused.
  • Seeing his grandfather's death threat, Dmitry stood. "I won't marry her cause of this death threat drama playing before me."
  • The old man's eyes fell. He wondered how his son had grown so heartless.
  • "I'll marry her." Dmitry says. He had other reasons to but his grandfather isn't even on the list. He had suddenly thought about it.
  • The old man suddenly dropped the knife and ran to hug his son, "you are such a considerate grandson. I know you love your grandfather secretly." He disengaged from the hug and went back to sit.
  • "Now bring me the marriage certificate as soon as possible," commanded Mr. Pushkin.
  • "That shouldn't be a problem. In return, you have to ensure you rest very well. I'll speak to the miracle Doctor on what your next treatment should be."
  • The old man nodded and laid, smiling. He wasn't actually going to kill himself. He didn't wake up miraculously from his unconscious state to come and kill himself cause of an obstinate grandson. However, he thinks Dmitry might find happiness again with the miracle Doctor. There is something inexplicable about the miracle Doctor that he can't fathom, perhaps, his grandson will do.
  • Now he can't wait to receive the marriage certificate and bless the union of his grandson and the miracle Doctor.