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Chapter 5 It's Not Too Late

  • After Natasha had finished using the toilet, she deliberated on whether to go to the emergency ward and treat the man. But what if they find out that she's not the 'doctor Violet' they mistook her for?
  • Natasha knew for sure that Modern science can't fully heal the man, the best it can do is to stabilize his condition, only acupuncture method can permanently cure the man of his illness. She had learnt ancient healing method from the old blind man she lived with at Crying-sun.
  • Natasha summoned courage and went to the emergency ward. On getting there, she realized that the man's condition had worsened so she quickly approached the man and began to make use of the needles. The nurses couldn't help but whisper amidst themselves.
  • "Since when did doctor Violet start practicing acupuncture medicine, this method better not send Mr. Pushkin to his early grave."
  • "Then her career will be doomed. She's already too proud for my liking. Taking such a risk on Mr. Pushkin is suicidal. I'm sure Mr. Pushkin's grandson won't hesitate to bury her alive."
  • Another nurse whispered, "why isn't doctor Violet dressed like a professional doctor? She's just wearing a cheap civil dress?"
  • "Who would blame her for it? She's one of the bosses. If it were we who decided not to wear a uniform to work, I'm sure we would be fired instantly," another nurse added.
  • Eventhough Natasha was hearing the silent gossips of the women, she focused on what she was doing. All of a sudden, the man's eyes opened and everyone in the room gasped in shock.
  • Mr. Pushkin hasn't opened his eyes in the past eight months. The only way people know he's alive is the fact that he's still breathing. He barely talks cause his words are barely coherent.
  • "Thank you so much, my daughter," Mr. Pushkin was glad to see the petite doctor who brought him to live.
  • The shock on everyone's face heightened even more. How? Mr. Pushkin even spoke well.
  • All of a sudden, the door opened and a beautiful female doctor walked in, everything about her speak elegance, from her expensive dress, to the pure white lab coat that she was putting on and even to her red high heels. Her long hair was also a beauty to behold.
  • Everyone in the ward had their mouth open at this point, they could not dare to close it anymore. They kept exchanging glances between the woman that just entered and Natasha.
  • Even Natasha was shocked to see the female doctor, it was like she was her Doppelganger. The resemblance between the both of them were extreme.
  • "Who is this?" The real doctor Violet asked the nurses. But the nurses themselves were confused. But seeing the difference in the elegance, they can easily tell that they have misplaced Natasha for Doctor Violet.
  • "Doctor Violet, please pardon us. We had mistaken your identity. We thought you were this woman," one of the nurses said in a pleading tone to Violet while gesturing at Natasha.
  • The four escorts present in the room were also stupefied. Violet walked over to where Mr. Pushkin laid and saw several needles punctured to the old man's chest. But she also realized that the old man was awake.
  • "Mr. Pushkin, I'm glad you are awake but these needles in your body needs to be removed otherwise , they will damage your body," Violet said and turned to Natasha. She looked at Natasha with disgust since she looked cheap and said, "what you did now could send you to jail, are you aware?"
  • "I'm just trying to help." Natasha said.
  • "Shut the fuck up!" Violet yelled angrily, "do you even have license to work as a doctor. Who punches needles into people's body in this century? I'll deal with you later, just wait for me."
  • Natasha stood by a side and when she realized that Violet was about to remove the needles, she quickly spoke, "the needles are strategically placed on his body, it shouldn't be removed until after..." Natasha checked her wrist watch and said, "give it ten more minutes before you remove the needles."
  • "Do you still have the nerve to talk?" Violet was enraged. "After stealing my identity and practicing a profession you have no knowledge of. You still dare to say a word?"
  • Natasha decided to keep quiet, she already knew the outcome of what Violet was about to do. Violet began to remove the needles out of anger.
  • "Careful!" The head of Mr. Pushkin's escorts spoke when she saw how Mr. Pushkin was languishing in pain as a result of how the pins were being removed.
  • "It will definitely hurt, sir. Please let me do my job," Violet said arrogantly to the leader of the escorts.
  • Just as she removed the last of the acupuncture pins, the man's eyes closed again and his breathing began to faint. Using her stethoscope, she knew the man was about to die.
  • Fear gripped her and she didn't know exactly what to do . If Mr. Pushkin dies, she is as good as dead. The Pushkin's family sit at the peak of wealth, power and prominence. The Old man's grandson, Dmitry, popularly called the demon of Leaf City, will definitely annihilate her.
  • She had to do something. She immediately turned to Natasha and said, "you! See what you have done. Mr. Pushkin's pulse had drastically reduced because of the nonsense pins you inserted into him. You will spend the rest of your life in jail should anything happen to him."
  • The leader of the old master's escorts suddenly grabbed Violet and slammed her to the wall, "I'll kill you slowly if Mr. Pushkin dies. He was fine a few minutes ago before you start removing the pins."
  • "The pins is what's killing him. Have I not been treating Mr. Pushkin for the past eight months?"
  • "Oh yes, you have. Yet he has never for once opened his eyes," the leader of the escort let go of her and turned from her as if he was moving away from her but in the next moment, he slapped her with the back of his hand.
  • Violet fell to the floor and blood could be seeing running from her nose. For the leader of the Mr. Pushkin's escort was ruthless. The nurses shivered in fear at the sight. If Doctor Violet can be slapped, then what is their own fate.
  • "Miss. Is there something you can do to Mr. Pushkin's health, he's dieing " the leader of the escort politely asked Natasha who was just standing by a corner.
  • "Sure, it's not too late." Natasha said and quickly stepped forward.
  • "She will fasten his death," Violet spoke as she gathered herself from the floor. She believed Natasha knows nothing about medicine.
  • "Say one more word and I'll crumble your right foot." The leader of the escorts said angrily to Violet.