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Chapter 4 What Actually Happened To Them?

  • Eight months later, sweats covered Natasha's body, she had been laboring in the maternity ward for more than three hours, yet she had been unable to deliver a baby. According to the scan she had done months ago, it had been revealed that she had two babies on the inside of her. She was tired and frustrated. Being in labor for more than three hours is definitely not what anyone would wish for.
  • "Ma'am, are you sure you don't want to do Cesarean section? It will be easier to get the babies out that way," the female doctor advised for the umpteenth time.
  • "No, I'll deliver them this way," Natasha insisted. Her mother had told her she delivered her through ceserean section but that since then, she was not able to deliver any other child again. Although Natasha didn't know if the CS was the exact thing that stopped her mother from getting pregnant, she still didn't want to take chances. She didn't want the babies she was about to deliver to be her last.
  • Just barely five minutes later, with help of the nurses shouting 'push,' the cries of babies could be heard in the room. Seeing two nurses carrying her babies, tears of joy streamed down her face. She did it! Happiness spread across her heart for the first time in a long time.
  • Eight months ago, Natasha had left Leaf City to the neighboring city to live secretly there. Since she had refused to go and beg Huxley as her father instructed, her father made some connections that began to make her life become miserable. She couldn't get a job, couldn't get a house to accommodate her, all house agents wouldn't let her rent a house, once they see her or hear her name, they pull out of any deal they have with her.
  • Her father was a powerful figure too in Leaf City so he can pull as many strings as he wants. The last event that happened before she left Leaf City was where she was forcefully kidnapped and taken to a laboratory. When it dawn on her that they were about to forcefully terminate the pregnancy in her belly, she threatened to kill herself.
  • Fortunately for her, she was able to escape that laboratory. She knew at that point that she had to flee Leaf City. So she came over to the neighbouring city, Crying-Sun city and live secretly.
  • Ever since she settled at Crying sun, surviving had been very difficult, she had been living with a blind old man ever since she got to the city. Although the blind man has a house she could live, the man had nothing else to his name. So she goes out to do all sort of menial works just to get food for herself and the blind old man that accomodated her. She treated the blind old man like a father. The blind old man also treated her like a daughter he never had.
  • Two weeks after her stay with the blind old man, he began to teach Natasha ancient medical skills, for the old man had lost his eyes to excess research. In his prime, he was a god of medicine.
  • Although people don't admire or welcome the ancient method of healing anymore, Natasha still continued to passionately learn it. After loosing her mother to a terrible disease that the doctors couldn't find a cure to, she saw the old blind man as an opportunity to learn skills beyond science reasoning. That way, she will not only save her loved ones from experiencing the kind of misfortune her mother experienced, she will be a salvation to mankind.
  • It's true her stepmother technically killed her mom, but truth was, her mother was already a living dead for more than two years, laying on the hospital bed helplessly.
  • Natasha couldn't wait to share the good news of the two babies she just delivered with the blind old man.
  • After she was discharged from the hospital, she went home but sadly, found out the man was nowhere to be found. On reporting to the police, it was extablished that the blind old man was kidnapped and the people who kidnaped him aren't ready to let him go.
  • What would anyone want from a blind old man? Natasha wondered and suddenly felt unsafe in the city. What if she's the next person the kidnappers will come for?
  • She will go back to Leaf City and find somewhere to hide. Her father may have stopped searching for her, he might have even forgotten that she exist. Afterall, eight months had already passed.
  • Although Natasha was yet to fully heal from her long hours of labor, she still carried her less than one month old twins and travelled back to Leaf City.
  • Natasha already booked an accomodations in Leaf City before she took off from Crying -Sun, but she used a different name.
  • She was supposed to head over to this reserved accomodation as soon as she highlighted from the train, however she noticed her babies eyes had suddenly turned yellow. Infact, their skin color was turning yellow too. She was scared to the gut. This was her first time having a baby and she didn't know precisely what this is.
  • She wondered if it was the long hour journey that she subjected the new born babies to that made them this way. She immediately went to the hospital, all these while hoping her father's people wouldn't sight her.
  • Her children were soon given a ward, each of her twin were laid on different beds while Natasha sat in the middle of the two close beds, observing her kids with an aching heart.
  • When the doctor came, he administered proper treatment to the twin and said, "they will be fine, ms. You don't have to worry."
  • "What actually happened to them?" Natasha asked worriedly. How can she not be worried when her newly born babies are sick.
  • "It's called Jaundice, it's a common illness that happens to newly born babies. It's really nothing to worry about, okay?"
  • Natasha nodded at the doctor's calm words and then watched as the doctor left. After two hours of waiting on her kids, she decided to use the toilet as she was feeling pressed.
  • She was soon out of the room, walking towards the toilet when she suddenly saw a mini chaos. Someone was being rushed to the emergency, and this person had so many burly escorts around him. Obviously, that person being rushed to the emergency must be a powerful figure.
  • The nurses carrying the stretcher suddenly approached Natasha, "doctor Violet, please, your attention is needed."
  • Doctor Violet? It seems these nurses were mistaken. Why are they addressing her as such. "Shall we take him to the emergency ward or you can quickly do something right here?" One of the sick man's escorts yelled angrily at Natasha who was still trying to recover from the mistaken identity.
  • Taking a proper look at the man's condition, she diagnosed what it was at once and said, "I'll get him to feel better. Just get me thirty nine acupuncture needles and a warm mugwort."
  • The nurses looked at themselves in surprise, they wondered why doctor Violet suddenly want to use the ancient method of healing instead of the modern healing method.
  • "Fucking do what she asked!" The leader of the escorts of the sick man shouted at the nurses.
  • The nurses dispersed at once to get what Natasha asked for. "Meanwhile, you can take him to the emergency ward, I'll join you there." Natasha said to the nurses that were left and at once, the nurses left with the stretcher that the was carrying the man.