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Chapter 484 Clothes Make the Man

  • Lu Zhanting called someone over and gave Chen Borui a makeover after they were done with breakfast, for he didn’t want to see someone dirty wandering around in his house. Chen Borui accepted it readily, as he was a different man who only had one thing in mind—restoring his identity.
  • Half an hour later, two people appeared in the living room in Yuwan right on time, standing deferentially before Lu Zhanting.
  • “Mr. Lu, may I ask who it is that you want us to make over?” a handsome man asked.
  • “The man on your right.” Lu Zhanting pointed to Chen Borui, who was standing there.
  • The stylist turned in the direction he pointed at. When he saw a shabbily dressed man, who was even wearing a mask that obscured his entire face, he was taken aback because everyone here in Yuwan was someone; this man did not look like he belonged here.
  • “Aren’t you the most renowned stylist in Dragon City? In that case, give him a good makeover,” Du Shaoheng said with a chuckle.
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