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Chapter 453 Return

  • Nan Lichuan nodded and reached out to help Lu Zhanting, thereafter he carefully helped him into his seat. Then, he turned to look at Mu Xitong, but it seemed like she had no intention of entering the car. As such, Nan Lichuan looked toward the two in annoyance, thereupon he hopped in and sat next to Lu Zhanting. Nan Lichuan was, beyond a doubt, having a hard time.
  • Lu Zhanting turned to check on Mu Xitong; he hadn't thought that she would still be mad at him after the long journey. It seemed like he would have to appease his dear wife for the next few days.
  • In the end, Mu Xitong took a seat directly next to Nan Lichuan, who moved to Chi Yan's side. As soon as Chi Yan saw everyone was in the car, he started the drive home.
  • Half an hour later, Lu Zhanting and the group reached Yuwan. When Aunt Zhang and Uncle Jin saw Lu Zhanting’s return, they were delighted.
  • “Uncle Jin, Aunt Zhang, you two should head back and rest. We'll be here,” Nan Lichuan greeted with a smile.
  • “Alright! Call me if you need any help.” Aunt Zhang chuckled.
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