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Chapter 4 Nothing Happened On Their Wedding Night

  • The prenup was too valuable. Gu Annuan knew he wouldn't agree to a divorce. Even if he did, she wouldn't divorce him now and taint the Gu family's name.
  • Lu Xiuran tidied his shirt and was going to head out when a thought flashed across his mind. “I already have a date for tomorrow's charity dinner. You don't have to come along.”
  • Gu Annuan was rendered speechless.
  • She wanted to retort back, but realized her words were powerless. Her father's huge 200 million debt caused him to lose his position. The whole Jin City was gossiping about him. Many influential people would be attending the charity dinner tomorrow. Perhaps it was too embarrassing for him to bring her there.
  • However, she heard that someone from the central government will be there tomorrow. It could be related to her father's case, so she had to be there.
  • Gu Annuan was a proud woman and wouldn't beg for Lu Xiuran's help now. The only thing she could do was to text her best friend, Qiao Chuchu.
  • An hour later, Gu Annuan's car stopped in front of Sultry Night's door. She alighted from the car in a hurry. After throwing the keys to the valet, she rushed into the club.
  • Qiao Chuchu had already ordered their drinks. She was dressed in a sexy outfit that sparkled under the club's neon lights.
  • “Nuan! Come here and sit beside me. It's rare that you ask me out. We'll have fun tonight!” She excitedly pushed a glass of Long Island iced tea forward.
  • Gu Annuan smiled wryly and sat down opposite her.
  • Qiao Chuchu continued, “Hey, do you remember this? It was what you drank on your wedding night! When you married Lu Xiuran, I made this drink for you. How was it? It must be an exhilarating night, right?”
  • Gu Annuan's lips curled up in an awkward smile. The words were stuck in her throat and she couldn't say a word.
  • She didn't know how to tell Chuchu that nothing happened that night.
  • Of course, that wasn't the only night they didn't have sex. They never had sex for the past six years after their wedding.
  • “Chuchu, I won't drink. You should stop drinking too because you'll get drunk.” Gu Annuan knew what had happened. Huo Chengyun was about to get engaged, but his fiancée wasn't Chuchu. She was upset and kept drinking to numb the pain in her heart.
  • “Nuan, alcohol is great. You can forget all the unhappy things after getting drunk.” Qiao Chuchu's forced smile disappeared in an instant. “It's a pity I drink too well. No amount of alcohol can make me drunk.”
  • Gu Annuan opened her mouth to console her. But when she thought of her own circumstances, nothing came out of her mouth. Her situation was worse than Chuchu. At least her friend's parents were still alive and didn't need to worry about money, but she...
  • Qiao Chuchu finished her drink. The coldness cleared her mind. She immediately fished out an invitation from her clutch and gave it to Gu Annuan. “Here's the invitation to the charity dinner that you asked for.”
  • Gu Annaun was stunned, “Where did you get this from?”
  • The charity dinner was an exclusive event. When Gu Annuan texted Qiao Chuchu, she didn't have much hope. Qiao Chuchu's parents were divorced. Her mother married into the Huo family and took her along. It might seem that her family was wealthy now, but she was merely a parasite living under the Huo family's roof.
  • Gu Annuan wanted to use the Huo family's connections to get into the event or at least a spot to wait outside the venue, but Qiao Chuchu gave her the invitation directly.
  • “I stole it from Huo Chengyun,” Qiao Chuchu scoffed, her seductive red lips curling up in a sneer, “He has a pretty and rich fiancée. Their family would form a strong alliance together. Why does he need to join the charity dinner? To get to know more rich and powerful people? He doesn't need that!”