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Chapter 3 A Divorce Is Impossible

  • Lu Xiuran couldn't be bothered to argue with them. His words immediately shut them all up.
  • “Xiuran, you...”
  • Jiang Yadan was going to say something but stopped after seeing Lu Xiuran's angry glare. She was only his stepmother and couldn't discipline him.
  • Lu Jiayi lowered her head guiltily behind Jiang Yadan.
  • Lu Xiuran turned and grabbed Gu Annuan's wrist. A glint flashed across his hazel eyes as he said, “Come upstairs with me. I have something to tell you.”
  • When Gu Annuan was in DFO, she had fallen down and bruised her wrist. Lu Xiuran was pressing at her wound tightly. The pain she felt almost brought tears to her eyes. She clenched her teeth and forced the tears back.
  • Gu Annuan was brought into a room by Lu Xiuran who then locked the door.
  • He was furious, “Did you make Lan Xuanxuan angry?”
  • Gu Annuan furrowed her brows. The grateful feeling she had felt a minute ago disappeared into thin air. “Your lover complained because I was being sarcastic to her?”
  • “It's you.” Lu Xiuran's face darkened.
  • “Yes, it's me. I told her you have plenty of lovers out there. You don't care about her and was just playing around,” Gu Annuan sneered. She wasn't thinking of explaining properly as he wouldn't believe her.
  • “You must be crazy!” Lu Xiuran lifted her up in a fit of anger.
  • Gu Annuan could feel his fury. She glowered at him and scoffed, “Lu Xiuran, throw me down! Kill me and pretend it was a suicide so you can dissociate from the Gu family's trouble!”
  • Her words infuriated Lu Xiuran immensely. The man's arms froze for a minute before throwing her onto the soft bed.
  • Gu Annuan laid in the bed and said, “Mr. Lu, so you know murder is against the law? Or you couldn't bring yourself to kill me? I don't think so. You have so many lovers out there!”
  • Lu Xiuran tugged at his tie and took off his blazer. He abruptly stood over her and tore her dress apart violently. His huge palms started stroking her thighs.
  • Gu Annuan was shocked and immediately struggled.
  • Lu Xiuran's hazel pupils dilated as his lips curled up in a mocking smile. He stopped his actions and lifted her chin threateningly. “This is a warning. Stay away from Lan Xuanxuan.”
  • How ridiculous, Gu Annuan thought as she stared at the man blankly.
  • Lu Xiuran stood up and tidied his clothes. He took out another card from his pocket and threw it at her. “This is a new card. Mom and Jiayi don't know about it. Next time, you can transfer money to the Gu family through this card.”
  • Gu Annuan's heart sank in despair. She thought he trusted her back then, but... Just like Jiang Yadan, he thought she took the money from the account.
  • In the past, Lu Xiuran would trust her completely. But the man scared her now.
  • Gu Annuan laughed coldly and took the card from him. She opened the door to the bathroom and threw the card in the toilet before flushing it away.
  • Lu Xiuran stared at her coldly, “You're crazy!”
  • “Yes, a crazy person like me wouldn't want money from the Lu family!” Qin Yuan shrugged and said, “Mr. Lu, does your little lover know that you're this generous to me?”
  • Lu Xiuran furrowed his brows in disgust.
  • Gu Annuan continued sneering, “Mr. Lu, my family needs 200 million! You might as well be more generous by divorcing me so Lu Group will end up mine. I can use the money to pay the debt!”
  • “Divorce?” Lu Xiuran's face fell, “Gu Annuan, don't even think about it!”