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Chapter 2 Our Divorce Is None Of Your Business

  • Gu Annuan stood still for a while before pocketing her phone. She hailed a taxi and headed to the Lu family's villa in the suburbs.
  • When she reached, a Porsche was parked in the courtyard. It was Lu Xiuran's car. He was already home.
  • Gu Annuan had barely stepped in when a stack of bills was flung at her face.
  • “A total of 6.5 million was transferred out last month! Gu Annuan, I want an explanation from you today!” Her mother-in-law was seated on the sofa. Her voice was icy as she reprimanded Gu Annuan. “Although our family is wealthy and Xiuran earns a lot of money, how could you spend that much?”
  • “Tell me! Where did all the money go?” Jiang Yadan yelled at her.
  • Gu Annuan frowned and picked up the bills on the ground. She flipped through them and realized the said account belonged to Lu Xiuran. The card was given to her when they got married. However, she had stopped using the card since finding out about his affairs five years ago.
  • Back then, her family was still wealthy. She had her own dignity. Even though her family needed money, she still maintained her dignity.
  • The card was left in her bedside drawer until it went missing two months ago. She thought it was Lu Xiuran who took it, but now...
  • Gu Annuan swept her gaze around the room and settled on Lu Xiuran's sister, Lu Jiayi.
  • A look flashed across Lu Jiayi's face. She averted her glance and cuddled up to Jiang Yadan, “Mom! Do you even need to hear her explanation? It's obvious that she transferred the money to her family because they are in trouble right now!”
  • “The Gu family! Their family owes other people 200 million!”
  • “You should let Xiuran divorce her as soon as possible. Our family wouldn't be able to pay for her actions! She's Ms. Gu, the most famous socialite in Jin City! What kind of socialite would steal from others so shamelessly?”
  • Lu Jiayi was scornful. “Wan is so much better than her. After her grandfather’s promotion, their status is more prominent now. If Xiuran married Bo Wan back then, our family would have moved up on the social ladder. We wouldn't be in this state...”
  • “Lu Jiayi, are you done?” Gu Annuan took a step forward and gave her an icy stare, “If you're done, shut up!”
  • Lu Jiayi immediately shut up.
  • She felt guilty and dared not go against Gu Annuan, so she curled up in Jiang Yadan's arms and complained, “Mom, she scolded me! Bo Wan wouldn't scold me for sure!”
  • Jiang Yadan tightened her arms around Lu Jiayi and stared at Gu Annuan coldly, “Gu Annuan! Enough!”
  • Gu Annuan straightened her back and looked at Jiang Yadan straight in the eyes. She said in earnest, “Mom, I didn't take the money.”
  • “If it wasn't you, who else would it be? Could it be me? Could it be Jiayi? Do you think I'm old and senile now? Xiuran gave you this card when you were married!” Jiang Yadan yelled.
  • “The person who took the money would know.” Gu Annuan gave Lu Jiayi a cold look, “Mom, if you don't believe me, you can make a police report and get the CCTV recordings from the bank to find out the truth.”
  • Lu Jiayi was visibly frightened. “You can't call the police! Your family is already in prison. Are you going to cause chaos in our family too? Let me tell you! You'd better repay the money you took or I'll ask my brother to divorce you!”
  • “Divorce?”
  • An icy voice spoke up from behind.
  • Gu Annuan turned and saw Lu Xiuran standing at the end of the stairway with a wine glass in his hand. He had a white and crisp shirt on. The man was still elegant and handsome like he was eight years ago, but the dark look on his face was the polar opposite.
  • His sleeves were rolled up and the top of his shirt was unbuttoned. His visible collarbone was still sexy as usual. Time didn't leave any mark on his face, but made his body sexy and mature instead.
  • Gu Annuan knew that even though right now Lu Xiuran was only clad in slippers, plenty of women would line up and offer themselves to him.
  • Lu Jiayi was afraid of Lu Xiuran. She immediately hid behind Jiang Yadan.
  • “Whether Nuan and I get a divorce is none of your business.” Lu Xiuran walked down the stairs and glared at Lu Jiayi.
  • Jiang Yadan stretched her arms wide and stood in front of Lu Jiayi. She forced a smile and said, “Xiuran, this isn't Jiayi's fault. Annuan was the one who transferred 6.5 million from your account but wouldn't admit it...”
  • “I was the one who did it.”