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Chapter 16 Both Of Them Were Obsessed With Bo Wan

  • Eight years ago, Gu Annuan was like a clown following Fu Siye everywhere. She would always be affected by his joys and sorrows.
  • But she never knew that his joys and sorrows belonged to Bo Wan.
  • Fu Siye opened his mouth to say something. But when he turned slightly, he caught Gu Annuan gazing at him.
  • Gu Annuan's hands were clenched into fists. She forced out a smile and pretended that Bo Wan's words didn't affect her at all.
  • Fu Siye's eyes darkened slowly. The light in his eyes died down suddenly.
  • “Mr. Fu, when are you going to marry Ms. Bo?”
  • Fu Siye pressed his lips and answered, “We're not in a hurry. Our wedding must be special and one of a kind.”
  • Gu Annuan heard his answer and abruptly finished her wine in one gulp.
  • Fu Siye told her the exact words, “special” and “one of a kind” back then as well. He didn't even bother to change the words now.
  • What a petty man. He said the same things to me back then.
  • The glass was empty, but the raging fire was still blazing in Gu Annuan's heart.
  • She went to the table and was greeted by an assortment of cocktails, wine and champagne. She didn't even bother to choose. She stood beside the table and drank every glass that she took.
  • Chuchu's right. Alcohol is great. It allows you to forget your troubles temporarily.
  • “Miss, may I have the honor of this dance?”
  • A stranger appeared and invited Gu Annuan to dance with him.
  • She was already drunk. Her brain felt fuzzy. She glanced sideways and could see Fu Siye's arm around Bo Wan as they talked to the reporters. Her emotions had been bottled up for too long and had reached its peak. Smirking, she stretched her hand out toward the stranger and said, “Sure.”
  • Before she could reach the man's hand, her other hand was grabbed by someone else tightly.
  • Her other hand was hurt yesterday and the wound hadn't recovered yet. Gu Annuan immediately winced in pain. Glancing back, she was greeted by a pair of familiar eyes. Her heart quivered instinctively. They stared at each other for a while before she scoffed, “Mr. Lu, why are you back here? Your little lover had gotten quite a shock. Why are you not by her side?”
  • Lu Xiuran's hazel eyes were cold as he swept his gaze over the wine stains on her lips. He dragged her out of the dance floor and shoved her against the wall. His voice was low and menacing, “I told you not to drink when you're outside alone!”
  • Gu Annuan was trapped in his embrace. She could smell a hint of brandy on the man.
  • Her lips curled up in a mocking smile, “Mr. Lu, didn't you drink too?”
  • “Before asking me to do something, please take a good look at yourself!”
  • “Gu Annuan! How dare you talk to me in that tone?”
  • Lu Xiuran got so mad that his veins looked as if they were going to pop. His grip on her wrist tightened, causing her to wince in pain.
  • From what Gu Annuan remembered, while Lu Xiuran wasn't fond of her, he never really got mad at her either. What was happening tonight was really unusual.
  • She glanced around and noticed Lu Xiuran stealing a glance at the couple standing on the second floor.
  • A cold smile immediately formed on her face.
  • Oh, I see. So that's why he's back.
  • He was angry not because of her, Mrs. Lu. He was mad about the woman in Fu Siye's arms, Ms. Bo!
  • She was just a pathetic joke who kept losing to Bo Wan.
  • First, she failed to make her first love stay.
  • Second, she couldn't even make her husband's heart stay true to her!
  • Both of them were obsessed with Bo Wan!