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Chapter 15 They Have Been Dating For Eight Years

  • A woman was standing in the corridor. She was dressed in a Chanel evening dress. Her back was straight as she smiled elegantly and coldly.
  • It was Bo Wan.
  • Gu Annuan knew that they would meet again one day. But never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that this day would come so suddenly.
  • The encounter forced her into a desperate situation.
  • Eight years ago, Fu Siye approached her to avenge Bo Wan. After getting her to fall in love with him, he dumped her cruelly. That failed relationship crushed her dignity greatly.
  • Gu Annuan had no idea what she did wrong. Was it because she had better results than Bo Wan? Was it because she won that useless design contest back then?
  • She'd rather lose in the contest than let Fu Siye enter her life and break her heart.
  • Back then, Fu Siye was so perfect and popular. It would be impossible not to fall for him.
  • But now, she... She wanted to avoid the man at all cost!
  • “Ye, I don't think you should hug another woman in front of your girlfriend.”
  • Bo Wan came down and stood in front of Gu Annuan and FuSiye. There was an amused smile on her face. She gazed at Fu Siye's arm around Gu Annuan's waist and said, “I know you think of Nuan as your sister. You don't love her at all. But since Nuan is married, you need to consider her reputation, right?”
  • Mr. Fu of DFO was dating Ms. Bo!
  • And Ms. Bo even got jealous of Mrs. Lu!
  • The media was surprised at Bo Wan's words. The cameras immediately flashed in her direction like she had just unveiled something huge.
  • “Nuan, long time no see.” Bo Wan greeted her in a dignified manner.
  • “L-Long time no see.”
  • Gu Annuan stood aside. Her lips were unnaturally pale.
  • She stretched out her hand and tried to pry the man's arm from her waist as she no longer wanted to be in his embrace.
  • She didn't want to be reported as the mistress of Fu Siye in tomorrow's newspaper.
  • Once was enough. She had learned a lesson back then.
  • Fu Siye could feel her struggling to get away. His arm tightened forcefully and locked her in his arms. He glared at her coldly like he wanted to nail her down.
  • “Mr. Fu, let me go!” Gu Annuan demanded icily. She was firm but dignified, “Since Ms. Bo had said so, even if you're not considering on my behalf, you should consider for yourself. Such a jealous woman won't be easy to console.”
  • The word “Mr. Fu” was grating to Fu Siye's ears. He was stunned by her outburst. Gu Annuan hurriedly disentangled herself from his embrace and went downstairs to keep a distance from him.
  • Bo Wan leaned sideways and clung to his arm. She raised the glass in her hand and told the reporters, “If you have any questions, ask them now. Ye and I need to attend the auction on the third floor soon.”
  • “Ms. Bo, how long have you been dating Mr. Fu? Is the Bo family forming a marriage alliance with the Fu family?”
  • A tiny smile formed on Bo Wan's face. “We've been together for eight years.”
  • Eight years...
  • Gu Annuan thought she was able to watch coldly from a distance. But the woman's answer, “eight years'' nailed her to the cross of destiny cruelly. Her heart broke into pieces.
  • They had been together for eight years? Did that mean Fu Siye's heart was already won over by Bo Wan when he was with her? No! Not only his heart! The entire man belongs to Bo Wan!