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Chapter 8

  • Over the years, he had dreamed about her countless times. Every time when he tried to approach, she would smile and wave her hand to leave. It was the first time he hurt her in the dream.
  • As for the reason why he had such a dream, he could not figure out.
  • In the bedroom, the phone suddenly rang and woke Richard up. Looking along where the sound came, Richard saw a phone flashed in the corner.
  • He got off the bed, walked toward it, and picked it up.
  • It was a female mobile phone with pictures of a young girl displayed on the screen.
  • Seeing this picture, a trace of surprise flashed through Richard's eyes. He came to the place of the room and opened the wall curtain slowly, a portraiture of a girl appeared in front of him.
  • This was an aged oil painting. Snow-like skin, delicate facial features, and a pair of crystal eyes, the woman wore a faint smile, looking quite beautiful in it.
  • And the girl on the phone screen, she looked a little like the woman in the painting.
  • Eyes suddenly lit up, Richard dialed a number directly with this phone.
  • Soon it was connected, "Hello, may I ask...", "Look into the owner of this phone number, right now." Richard ordered his assistant.
  • "Yes sir, Master Richard." Assistant Miller immediately investigated.
  • In less than two minutes, the assistant said, "Master Richard, I found it out on the Internet, the owner of this number is a young woman named Anastasia Taylor " Anastasia..." Richard murmured, his eyes still looking at the woman on the wall. Although she had another name, he still felt that the name Anastasia sounded familiar...
  • Robes of rank, phoenix coronet, and countless pieces of jewelry are making up a magnificent wedding scene.
  • The Garcia family was really generous. The gifts sent by them the day before the wedding was all fine works and almost filled with Taylor's home.
  • The wedding day should be of joy but in the Taylor family, it was not happy at all but was sad, even with the sound of crying.
  • Since the Garcia family sent the wedding gown to the Taylor family yesterday, Natalie had been crying all day and her eyes had got swelled.
  • Even though Anastasia tried to comfort her, she never stopped.
  • Mother's cowardice had always been Anastasia's concern. Otherwise, she would already take her to live outside rather than being bullied in the Taylor family.
  • "Natalie, no more cry, today is Anastasia's wedding, don't add any bad luck to her." Sophie came in with a smiling face and touched the wedding suits and that fancy jewelry. She deliberately yelled, "The Garcia family is so rich! Although the husband is not perfect, the gifts from them are all good things. I am so jealous!"
  • A hairdresser was making hair for Anastasia. She slowly opened her eyes, glancing at Sophie in the mirror and saying, "Take good care of your relationship with Ted. You'll get a hundred times more gifts then!"
  • "You're right!" Sophie smiled smugly. "Ted is the eldest grandson and the first heir of the Garcia family, our wedding must be a super magnificent one, how can the one for an ill man compare to?"
  • Hearing her words, Natalie cried even more sadly.