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Chapter 2

  • Grandmother had always shown her partiality to Sophie and ordered Anastasia to learn from her kindness. "Fine, let me video them, you'd better take a look at what was your loving granddaughter doing and know what on earth is kind or
  • evil..!" Anastasia thought.
  • However...When she walked up the stairs, she found those two disappeared.
  • The Garcia family was one of the largest families in V City. Their ancient style mansion was astounding big. The corridor inside was long and connected with many other pavilions around. Anastasia stunned for a while and didn't know where to go.
  • Maybe it was because the night was dark or because the mansion was too huge, Anastasia felt weird about this place. "Since it's an affair, they should be doing in the most remote house, aren't they?" Thinking of it, Anastasia walked toward the most remote houses carefully.
  • At the first house, she clung to the wall and listened, but did not hear any sound. The second one was a traditional house with a plaque on it. There were a few characters on the plaque, which are written in Chinese and means "Plateaus on the plaque". She thought the scene is poetic. Huh.! What a place for making affairs.!
  • She put her ears close to the door and listened for a while. As expected, she heard low moans coming out.
  • Anastasia was not easy to calm down, hearing this voice, her brain was blown up again. She was so angry that her whole body was trembling.
  • As the moaning inside became louder, she took out her mobile phone and open the camera. She took a deep breath, pushed the door open and then stepped in.
  • It was dark around, no lights were on.
  • Through the light in the corridor, Anastasia vaguely saw a tall man curled up on the big bed in the centre of the bedroom. Yes, it was a man but what puzzled her was that no woman showed with him, nor was the shameful scene she imagined.
  • Because of the dim light, she couldn't see the man's face clearly, but she could clearly feel that the man suffered from something. The moans she heard outside was made by him.
  • "What's wrong with him? He is moaning at all ..Is he sick?" Anastasia thought.
  • It seemed that she went to an incorrect room because the man was not Ted. She didn't want to get into trouble and was about to leave. Suddenly, the man groaned loud painfully and fell onto the ground. He looked so miserable; Anastasia unconsciously stopped. Out of kindness, she asked cautiously, "Are you...okay?"
  • Hearing her voice, the painful man immediately stared at her. In the dim lights, his eyes were like a sharp sword, scaring Anastasia to dropped her phone.
  • His eyes were too scary and too cold. She had never experienced it.
  • "I'm sorry...I'm sorry, I'm leaving now." She instinctively retreated even without picking the phone up.
  • However, the man suddenly pounced her like a lion preying as if he forgot the pain.
  • "Ahh... What are you doing?!" Anastasia screamed in horror and ducked aside to avoid his attack.
  • Her brain was totally blank and she panicked. She couldn't figure out what was going on.
  • Even if she went to the incorrect room, the man should not attack her and it seemed that he had lost his mind.