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Chapter 5

  • "Okay, won't mention her again." Sophie put her arms around his neck and smiled happily.
  • Over Ted's shoulder, she looked at Anastasia, who was walking away in the night.
  • Probably because Ted was immersed in love, he didn't notice that Anastasia get off the car and walked toward her house at all.
  • As Anastasia entered the living room, she saw her grandmother and mother sitting on the sofa. Apparently, they were waiting for her to come back. One of them looked gloomy, while the other looked worried.
  • " Anastasia, what's wrong with you? Why are your clothes all wet?" Her mother, Natalie Green, got up and greeted her. She looked outside and said, "It's not raining."
  • It was really not raining outside. For not letting her mother worry, Anastasia cleaned the bloodstains on her clothes with water before came in.
  • "Why did you come back so late? Where did you go?" Old Madam Taylor, who had never been kind to Anastasia, immediately rebuked her as soon as she saw her came in.
  • "I was busy with something." Anastasia did not look good either. Certainly, she was just experienced her boyfriend's cheating, now was rebuked by grandma right after coming home.
  • However, grandma had a pair of sharp eyes and she spotted hickeys on Anastasia's neck, she said angrily, "Busy with something? Are you busy with playing around with men? Made by whom?!"
  • Anastasia was shocked. She didn't notice that hickeys could be left on her neck.
  • That's right. The man just kissed her so crazily. It wouldn't be strange if there were prints.
  • Seeing her silence, grandma was seethed with rage. "You little bitch, I have told you many times that girls should be reserved and self-loving, Why don't you listen to me? Why don't you learn from your sister? Look at her, she won't be like you..."
  • "If I learn from her, I would have stolen others' men outside!" Anastasia suddenly interrupted her and said angrily, "Grandma, why don't you ask about Sophie? Where did she go? Was she also playing around with a man?"
  • Usually, when Old Madam Taylor praised Sophie’s gentle behaviors and asked Anastasia to learn from them, although she was not willing, she still obeyed for respecting the senior. But tonight, it was Sophie who came home later, the old woman was still partial to her. Anastasia lost her temper.
  • She had always been docile but suddenly roared loudly, which stunned grandma and Natalie. Natalie pulled her clothes to remind stopping.
  • How could the old woman tolerate such disrespect? She slapped hard on her face and said, " Anastasia Taylor, don't insult your sister here. She is not this kind of person!"
  • "Whether she is or not, wait until she come back and you'll know it!" Anastasia said, touching her painful face and angrily staring at Old Madam Taylor.
  • As soon as Sophie entered the house, she found the mood was nervous. She unconsciously stepped back, but when everyone was looking at her, she quickly adjusted a little bit, smiling and saying, "Grandma, Natalie, what are you doing here? You all seem not very happy."
  • Although Anastasia was not close to her half-sister, it was her first time to see her with strong disgust and resentment. She asked angrily, "Sophie Taylor, tell grandma personally, where did you go and what did you do tonight.”